Crooked polls, again!
The Fire Rises

Diversity descends on Hamilton

A few good boys who wanted to chat. In a parking lot. At 1 a.m.:

Police say Chaudry's group of friends from the Peel region met with a group from Hamilton to settle a small dispute. It's unclear what conflict they were supposed to discuss in the plaza, but "no one was supposed to get taken out that night," Chaudry said.

"We didn't want to hurt someone. If we did, we had a car. We could have ran over people as soon as we entered the plaza. We didn't. We parked," he explained.

When Chaudry, Mohammad and his friends pulled into the parking lot at roughly 1 a.m., the Hamilton group ambushed them from all sides. Up to 30 men, armed with pipes, sticks, rocks, knives and a Taser, attacked.

Zero mentions of race or religion. Just 30 men. Probably Japanese. One future doctor was stabbed to death in the multicultural meeting. 

Yup. 99% sure they're speaking Japanese ... 1% Arabic:

Police have arrested two people for murder. Both 17-year-olds. No names or photos.


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