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Dozens of unarmed Americans have been killed by police in the past year. That isn't enough for the media. They've got to manufacture outrage when the suspect is black and the police officer is White. So, they lie. They use this case of a criminal who resisted arrest, stole a taser, and got shot for jogging and twist it around as a poor, innocent, black dude who got murdered for just chilling in his car.



Resting arrest does not deserve shooting. This is even in the SOP of Police Dept. Use of firearms is justified only when there is an imminent threat to the life of the cop or anyone else. This was not the case with Rayshard.

Seriously it is hard to justify this shooting. Had it been in the past the officer would have got way.


typo: Resisting arrest.

Isaac Schrödinger

He stole the taser from the cop and fired it back. What means of defense does a cop have after that?


Taser is not a lethal weapon. Plus there were two cops.

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