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A very novel virus

The progressive Professor Jones:

CNN's Van Jones on Friday accused all white people of being racist, saying, "Even the most liberal, well-intentioned white person has a virus in his or her brain that can be activated at an instant."


In another part of the segment, Jones mocked white people's concern and desire to learn after racist acts occur, saying, "White people are always innocent — and their innocence constitutes their crime".

Logic is too cold

Nothing changes a woman's mind faster than pure fear.

A few years ago, there was a conversation about guns at my workplace. Of course, everyone thought that guns are uncouth. I said that self-defense is basically impossible in Ontario. Carrying a handgun is illegal. Worse, tasers and pepper sprays are also banned. I asked the women, "How will you defend yourself when a bad guy breaks into your home?"

"Call the police!"

"Yeah, make sure you have some chalk ready for them."

Confused looks.

"It'll be easier for them to draw an outline around your body."

A few weeks later, one of the women told me about her weekend. A guy in a hoodie was going around the neighborhood and checking cars and front doors. She called the police. Her mind started racing. "Is he a thief? Is he going to break into my home? Is he going to hurt my children? How can I ... defend my family!?"

In that moment, she understood.

Banksters and boobs

Of all people, a real estate agent is crying about the greed of banksters:

When the pandemic hit Ontario, Kristina Barybina's income as a real estate agent dried up and she knew the writing was on the wall — she'd have to sell her own house.

She also knew there'd be a penalty for getting out of her five-year mortgage with TD Bank early — she just wasn't expecting it to be almost $30,000. "I thought my eyes were going to pop out," said Barybina. "It's insane."

Later in the article:

She was only 19 months into a five-year mortgage, with a fixed-rate of 3.71 per cent, and still owed $591,000. TD used a controversial calculation to arrive at the penalty for breaking the terms. She owed another $29,530.

$29,530 out of $591,000. That's a 5% penalty for getting out of the mortgage. It's steep but not unreasonable. It looks insane because the dollar amount is huge.

What should be more concerning is that this woman accepted over half a million dollars of debt less than two years ago while having zero emergency savings. She was on shaky ground even before the virus hit as she tried to sell the house six months ago. This means that her normal income streams weren't sufficient to cover all the bills.

She also shot herself in the foot by going public with this story. I certainly wouldn't want to hire this whiny fool as my agent.

Moderate slavery

An SJW herd would make sure that Whites lose their career for saying nigger but the same mob would gladly welcome millions of Muslims who have no qualms about keeping dirty blacks as slaves in their ancestral homes. It's so surreal.