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Merkel's Germany

It's always a good idea to threaten the Germans who are famous for their tolerant, compassionate, and merciful ways:

The Marxloh area has become a hub for Arab clan gangs in recent years. Last month, police faced down a mob of around 200 residents when attempting to arrest a local teen. After using tear gas and calling for reinforcements, it took 36 police to finally detain the youth who had hidden in a residential building.

A few days later the police got an email.

The newspaper published part of the email that read: “Duisburg-Marxloh is our district… We prohibit all unbelievers from entering our district. We will drive away or kill all police officers, journalists, and other unbelievers by force of arms. For us, only radical sharia applies.” “We have 2,000 AK-47 assault rifles from Turkey and Russia with enough ammunition. Allahu Akbar, kill all unbelievers,” the email stated.

This is not going to end well for the Muslims.

Poisoning STEM

Tens of thousands of ignorant fools will be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a degree with negative value:

Prof Richardson also told the Oxford students’ union that maths and science degrees had secured a grant to “decolonise” curriculums, calling it “an area that is frequently overlooked”.

Calculus 101: Integrating Sexism, BLM, and LGBTBBQ.

She said: “Many departments in social sciences have begun work on making their curriculum more inclusive and adding diverse voices to it.

“This includes steps such as integrating race and gender questions into topics, embedding teaching on colonialism and empire into courses, changing reading lists to ensure substantial representation of a diverse range of voices, and ensuring better coverage of issues concerning the global South in syllabuses.”

Tearing down statues wasn't enough.

The racism racket

The tax system, various organizations, and mildly retarded individuals have given trillions of dollars to blacks over decades. Burning a few blocks down to get a few million more is just the cherry on top. All these recent dollars towards blacks guarantees that the future will be even more violent and lethal. Eventually, America will break apart on racial / cultural lines. Of course, White people will still be blamed for the continued collective failures of black people.

Paw Patrol is Problematic

This is one of the major issues with books in the cloud and streaming shows and movies. They can be deleted when SJWs manufacture the latest problematic problem. Cop shows and police toys are being canceled. A producer who made mountains of cash from a successful detective show joins the virtue signalling by throwing his work and colleagues under the bus:

Last week Tom Scharpling, an executive producer of Monk, criticised his own show on Twitter: “If you – as I have – worked on a TV show or movie in which police are portrayed as lovable goofballs, you have contributed to the larger acceptance that cops are implicitly the good guys.” Griffin Newman, an actor who appeared in two episodes of Blue Bloods as a detective, donated his $11,000, or about €9,500, in earnings to a bail fund, inspiring other actors who have played cops to do the same. Lego has halted marketing on its Lego City Police Station and Police Highway Arrest sets. The A&E channel has pulled its reality show Live PD from the schedule. On Tuesday night, Cops, the show that branded suspects as “bad boys” and spawned the whole genre of crime reality television, was cancelled after 32 seasons.

Surreal Supremacy

Amir Pars asks a very interesting question:

Disparities are only proof of disparities. Just because Group X doesn't have the same as Group Y, doesn't mean that it's explained by racism. And why does this so called "White Supremacy" only run against one group of Black Americans? Why doesn't it run against Asian Americans, who out earn White Americans by over 60%? Why doesn't it apply to Jewish Americans? Or Indian Americans, all of whom earn more than... White Americans??

The concepts of "White Privilege" and "White Supremacy" are quite strange when the average Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Singaporean, Malaysian, Indian, Pakistani, and the Lebanese household out earns the average White household in America.

New Consoles in 2020

Microsoft and Sony will release their new gaming consoles before Christmas:

The new generation of consoles will bring big increases in CPU and GPU capabilities, but we get that with every new generation and it's no surprise when console chips get the same microarchitecture updates as the AMD CPUs and GPUs they're derived from. What's more special with this generation is the change to storage: the consoles are following in the footsteps of the PC market by switching from mechanical hard drives to solid state storage, but also going a step beyond the PC market to get the most benefit out of solid state storage.

It's about time. Solid state disks have become cheap enough that it doesn't make sense to not use them for gaming devices. Those who do have blazing fast SSDs don't see the full benefits yet because the game designers haven't pushed their requirements higher. That will change soon.

Microsoft and Sony are each using custom NVMe SSDs for their consoles, albeit with different definitions of "custom". Sony's solution aims for more than twice the performance of Microsoft's solution and is definitely more costly even though it will have the lower capacity. Broadly speaking, Sony's SSD will offer similar performance to the high-end PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs we expect to see on the retail market by the end of the year, while Microsoft's SSD is more comparable to entry-level NVMe drives. Both are a huge step forward from mechanical hard drives or even SATA SSDs.

The new XBOX will have a read speed of 2.4 GB/s. It's the slower one. Sony's PS5 will be at 5.5 GB/s. When dinosaurs roamed the Earth, I used floppy disks to store my word documents. It would take a few seconds to transfer the files over from my laptop. The total capacity of those disks was 1.44 MB. Now, we'll have media that can transfer an entire DVDs worth of data in one bloody second.

Eventually, PC gamers will also benefit as the new games will be designed to use the lightning speeds of NVMe SSDs. As the games can load GBs of data almost instantly, they should look absolutely stunning.

Vicious enemies of the people

Dozens of unarmed Americans have been killed by police in the past year. That isn't enough for the media. They've got to manufacture outrage when the suspect is black and the police officer is White. So, they lie. They use this case of a criminal who resisted arrest, stole a taser, and got shot for jogging and twist it around as a poor, innocent, black dude who got murdered for just chilling in his car.

A Sinister Shortage

As health restrictions ease and stores, restaurants, and other services start to reopen, some employers complain they cannot entice workers back to their old jobs. Perhaps their employees changed careers or enrolled in higher education; others may be reluctant to come back while community spread of COVID-19 is still widespread.

It’s another headache for business owners trying to restart after the shutdowns. The President of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business went so far as to declare that Canadian employers now face a “shortage of labour.”

Technically, he's correct. If I was an employer and I offered jobs that paid $10 per hour, then there would definitely be a shortage of labour.

The correct solution to this "shortage"? Increase the wage. The solution that the employers want? Import peasants who'll work for low wages and not complain. Of course, if you oppose this, then you're a HORRIBLE RACIST WHO SHOULD BE IMMEDIATELY AND PERMANENTLY CANCELED.

In theory, if something is in short supply, its price should increase. But the laws of supply and demand are suspended whenever employers complain it’s too hard to fill job openings — and then inevitably demand that government do something about it.

Yup. It's a neat trick. Keep wages low ... get almost zero local workers ... cry, whine, gnash teeth ... get cheap foreign workers!

While low wages are a big part of the problem, meager and irregular hours make matters much worse.

Employers’ recruitment problems are partly due to stingy wages. But their failure to offer decent, reliable hours is actually the bigger issue. Most retail and hospitality workers are scheduled for inadequate and irregular hours. As a result, weekly incomes are very low: a median of just $450 a week in the hospitality sector. Who wants to return to work and risk infection, for a handful of hours’ work at minimum wage?

I know that at my local grocery store, the workers are scheduled in an utterly unstable manner. It's not unusual to have the following work week for an average employee:

MON: 11 AM - 6:30 PM
TUE: 6:45 AM - 3:30 PM
WED: 3:30 PM - 8:30 PM
FRI: 7:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Then, the next week brings a completely different schedule. And yeah, that's a minimum wage job. 25 hours a week, on average. Take home monthly pay? $1,300. What's really insidious is that a motivated employee can't really fit another regular, part-time job in the mix because the hours are unpredictable.

Appeasement doesn't work

John Nolte provides a list of the works that have been blacklisted plus a list of soon-to-be obliterated shows and movies.

We are entering a very dark period of straight-up blacklisting, a mixture of 1984 with punishable thoughtcrime and Faherenheit 451, where we are about to learn from the political left that “there’s more than one way to burn a book.”

The more the studios and streaming services give in, the more demands the mobs will make. The correct response from the beginning to the SJW hordes should have been: Fuck off! 

Chris Rock Brings the Pain

A classic episode of the comedy Fawlty Towers will be reinstated to streaming service UKTV with a warning about "offensive content and language".

A 1975 episode titled The Germans was taken off the BBC Studios-owned platform because of "racial slurs".

The BBC got a lot of heat for this. They reversed their decision. The same can't be said for the following movies and shows that were once offered by other organizations:

HBO Max temporarily removed Gone With The Wind because of its "racial depictions", and Little Britain was removed from the BBC iPlayer and Britbox because "times have changed".

Netflix has also removed Little Britain plus David Walliams and Matt Lucas's Come Fly With Me, and The League of Gentlemen and The Mighty Boosh.

I wonder how long it will take before they start going after every mention of nigger in a show. For example, when will Chris Rock become problematic and be canceled? Note that the title of the following video doesn't even spell out the word.

No more niggers and wogs

Agatha Christie published her most famous work in 1939. The title of her book was Ten Little Niggers. The place it was set in was called Nigger Island. The story was constructed around a children's rhyme in which the word nigger makes ten appearances.

The book was heavily modified for the US market. The niggers were replaced by Indians. Of course, eventually, the Indians were also too offensive! So, the Indians were replaced by soldiers. Let's see how long the soldiers last.

I don't care that what Christie wrote was rude, offensive, hurtful, or problematic. I want to read her words -- not the continuously altered and degraded version offered by past and modern lunatics.

It was bad enough that assholes were going back and "sanitizing" classics by changing the words of the authors. Now, they've moved on to TV shows and movies.

An episode of Fawlty Towers famous for coining the phrase, “Don’t mention the war!” has become the latest “classic” British television programme to be taken down from a BBC-owned streaming service, as broadcasters continue to conduct a reappraisal of old British television content. [...]

The original broadcast also included a scene in which Major Gowen, a regular guest at the hotel, uses very strong racist language in relation to an anecdote about the West Indies cricket team. A decade ago many broadcasters began editing out this part of the programme, although the racist language can still be heard on the version hosted by Netflix.

It's the current year. Don't mention the niggers and wogs. So, many years ago, the censors cut out the "niggers and wogs" scene from Fawlty Towers. That was apparently enough to make the show non-offensive. Today, for who knows what reason, they've deleted the entire 30 minutes of that episode.

Not a Wakanda

America will eventually break into several pieces based on racial and cultural lines. It will be amusing and amazing to see just how the blacks will manage without all the extortion money from Americans.

These black lives don't matter ...

Because their misery can't be used to extort money out of glib, White people.

The Wife Slayer

He's definitely doing the jobs that Europeans won't do:

When his wife was discovered by the police in an apartment in downtown Dortmund, the officers soon assumed that she had been killed. The husband was arrested on the spot. Now terrifying further information about the suspected perpetrator’s past became known. [...]

In the meantime, it has become known that the Iraqi has apparently already committed another murder. The mother of four was his second wife. He is said to have killed his first wife in the Netherlands. There he was even in prison before he married the second wife.

Woke Wars

Kelly’s Bake Shoppe drew the ire of Instagramers this week, shortly after posting a black square as part of Blackout Tuesday: an initiative to go silent on social media, reflect on recent events, and stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement while amplifying the voice of the black community.

Commentators then took the dessert shop to task, asking Kelly’s what its been doing as a business to help the black community. Some followers also called out the company’s lack of staff diversity.

So many White people want to show that they're definitely totally not racist by throwing other not sufficiently non-racist White people under the bus.

Kelly’s then disabled comments under their blackout photo. They did the same under a photo that quoted Dr. Martin Luther King.

That led to many commentators criticizing the business for silencing their voice during a time when people and businesses are being asked to listen.

The Black Extortion

Prof. Charles Negy on blacks in America:

The University of Central Florida said on Thursday that it had opened an investigation into complaints of bias against a professor who made comments on Twitter this week that were roundly condemned as racist. [...]

“If Afr. Americans as a group, had the same behavioral profile as Asian Americans (on average, performing the best academically, having the highest income, committing the lowest crime, etc.), would we still be proclaiming ‘systematic racism’ exists?” he wrote on Twitter.

In another tweet on Wednesday, he wrote, “Black privilege is real: Besides affirm. action, special scholarships and other set asides, being shielded from legitimate criticism is a privilege. But as a group, they’re missing out on much needed feedback.”

Whites in the US had the privilege of transferring trillions of dollars to blacks over many decades. What did Whites get? Venom and War.

The beginning of the end

Evil must be salivating at the opportunity to settle scores and take over turf as the Left proceeds to destroy the police:

While Chicago was roiled by another day of protests and looting in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, 18 people were killed Sunday, May 31, making it the single most violent day in Chicago in six decades, according to the University of Chicago Crime Lab. The lab’s data doesn’t go back further than 1961.

The police can't handle the riots. On top of that, the politicians will be cutting them down. Telegraphing this nonsense means a predictable, immediate, and sharp spike in thefts, assaults, and murders.

Of course, they'll blame Trump for being the most lawless and violent president in American history in the coming months.

Crooked average

The traitors in Sweden don't want the normies to see the full reality:

The Swedish government has been accused of removing test scores of foreign-born pupils and those with poor Swedish language skills to artificially boost the country’s PISA educational score.

The revelations claim that Sweden did not follow the rules of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) which runs the PISA educational programme and that if they had, the country’s results would have been much lower than reported.

It's the same with crime statistics. If police don't bother with the paperwork, then the illegal activity didn't happen. Ta da! Low crime rates across Europe!

The Virtuous Racism

Liberal policies over the years:

  • More immigration. (Fuck White People!)
  • Affirmative Action. (Fuck White People and Asians!)
  • More diversity in the workforce. (Fuck White People!)
  • Government money for "minorities". (Fuck White People!)

Now, they want to burn the past:

According to NPR, “white voices have dominated what has been considered canon for eons.” The public broadcaster advises fans to begin “decolonizing your bookshelf” by removing the works of white authors.

These enlightened clowns puff up their chests and shout about their anti-racist virtue while simultaneously vomiting on the White race. It would be instant career suicide for an author to write about "de-blacking your bookshelf".

Stay away from crazy

A cruel and illuminating prank by 4chan:

Hats off to 4chan pranksters — but let’s hope their latest victims keep their hats on, because women tend to look hideous after they shave their hair off to express their devotion to black supremacist ideology.

These women are so very brave. Thank you for this:


Cuck of the Year?

This is absolutely unacceptable. He should:

  1. Donate ALL of his wealth to blacks.
  2. Agree to be a perpetual slave to a black family.
  3. Pledge his progeny to be the property of blacks forever.
  4. Flagellate himself in public everyday to atone for the sins of his privileged race.

#Disappointed #DoBetter #Dumbass #BlackLivesMatterMost

When will the oppression end?

As if the value of the university diploma wasn't low enough.

Students at the University of Washington are demanding that black students be given leniency on finals because they are too “busy fighting for [their] rights to sit down and study.” The university is advising professors to do just that.

An online petition calls for laxed grading and accommodations, specifically for Black students. So far, the petition has amassed more than 26,000 signatures.

Who knew that black people were so weak and fragile.

“...give Black students a break! We are already DISPROPORTIONATELY impacted by this pandemic in terms of health care access and financial hardship. Now add state-sanctioned violence, how do you expect us to enter finals in this headspace?!” reads the petition.

Of course, the clowns in charge gave in. They cry about the evils of racism while implementing blatantly racist policies. If it "helps" blacks, then it's totally acceptable.

Can you even imagine a scenario in which only the White students got easy exams while the coloreds were left to seethe? I can imagine the totally peaceful protests afterwards.

No food for you!

A restaurant chain in Columbus, Ohio, has faced significant backlash for firing employees who were uncomfortable filling an order for law enforcement, in the wake of high-profile police violence against protestors around the country. On Monday, the Ohio State Highway Patrol placed a large order at the Polaris location of Condado Tacos, and when several people refused to make it, they were fired, employees allege. The taco chain, which has 15 locations throughout the state, closed the Columbus locations on Tuesday to "allow room for conversation between our team."

I'm sure employers all across America can't wait to hire more colored workers who refuse to do their jobs, discriminate against customers and then utter horseshit to justify their actions:

“Black lives matter and I think we need to keep saying that and saying that, and white silence is violence,” Widdowson said in an interview with Eater.

White Lives Matter

The issue ought to be excessive use of force but the Narrative is evil police vs. poor, oppressed blacks. So, we have video footage of White people getting killed by cops and we get zero marches. A black criminal gets killed by police and the media with their democrat allies step aside for nation-wide riots in which many have been murdered. Every week, on average, five blacks are killed by police in the US. That gets all the attention. In the same time frame, roughly 120 blacks are killed by non-police across the US. Those deaths can't be weaponized against White people. So, they're conveniently ignored.

Vagina Powers Activate!

The way he casually walked out with a move bitch gesture was surreal.

Maybe disbanding this police isn't such a bad idea ...

She has to go back

Muslims reading the tweet and nodding: that's a good Muslima!

Muslims looking at the photo in shock: Bud light!?! Totally haraam!

Game over!

Trying to rob a gun store goes very wrong:

Riot-torn Philadelphia contributed two nominees to 2020’s Darwin Award list on Tuesday.

Early Tuesday morning, looters decided to raid a South Philly gun store. Amazingly, it turns out if you and your buddies plan to ‘jack a gun store, a person with a gun might be there to stop you. [...]

The store owner shot one of the bad guys in the head. He died at the store.