White Lives Matter
When will the oppression end?

No food for you!

A restaurant chain in Columbus, Ohio, has faced significant backlash for firing employees who were uncomfortable filling an order for law enforcement, in the wake of high-profile police violence against protestors around the country. On Monday, the Ohio State Highway Patrol placed a large order at the Polaris location of Condado Tacos, and when several people refused to make it, they were fired, employees allege. The taco chain, which has 15 locations throughout the state, closed the Columbus locations on Tuesday to "allow room for conversation between our team."

I'm sure employers all across America can't wait to hire more colored workers who refuse to do their jobs, discriminate against customers and then utter horseshit to justify their actions:

“Black lives matter and I think we need to keep saying that and saying that, and white silence is violence,” Widdowson said in an interview with Eater.


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