Won't you feel sorry for these "autonomous" folks?
White Genocide

Delete the coloreds

The family of a Texas woman who once portrayed Aunt Jemima has called on the breakfast brand to reconsider its decision to scrap the ubiquitous fixture from its products.

Vera Harris said the family takes pride in Quaker Oates scouting her second cousin Lillian Richard to become a brand representative in 1925, news station KLTV reported.

“She was considered a hero in [her hometown of] Hawkins, and we are proud of that. We do not want that history erased,” Harris said.

To blacks: If you don't want to erase Aunt Jemima, then you're not black! [Insert smug Joe Biden smirk.]

Anyway, it's quite funny that the SJWs are fighting for the poor oppressed darkies by pressuring companies to delete all the brands that include colored people. A few months ago, if these companies had done that, then they would have been labeled as racists! for erasing these people of color. Haven't we been told that representation is important. Just goes to show that appeasing and apologizing only invites more rabid attacks from these stunted thugs.


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