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Just one more thing ...

Those peaceful Pakis

This Muslim is just exploding with tolerance.

“Beheading is the only punishment for those who mock the Prophet Muhammad,” Ali Muhammad Khan tweeted this week in the Urdu language, UCA News reported Friday.

In his remarks, Mr. Khan was addressing reports that Ahmadis, members of an Islamic revival movement founded in Punjab, had been given representation on a newly established National Minorities Council in Pakistan. Among their beliefs, Ahmadis hold that Muhammad was not the last prophet.

“Separate the head from the body. Separate the head from the body. Allahu Akbar!” Khan wrote.

That last bit reads like lyrics from a Paki rap song.

Separate the head from the body!

Separate the head from the body!

[Video of heads rolling down a hill in a super peaceful manner.]

Allah Akbar!

[Cue bhangra dance.]

[Repeat times 10.]



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