The Halaal Dominion of Canada

There will be war

Shocking news from Denmark:

As many as 76 percent of immigrants and descendants from Muslim countries, including Turkey, Lebanon, Pakistan and Somalia, think it should be illegal to criticize Islam, the study “Freedom of Speech in Denmark” from the Danish Ministry of Justice has found.

The over 800-page thick report was commissioned by former Justice Minister Søren Pape Poulsen in 2017 and took three years to compile.

For the sake of comparison, merely 18 percent of the Danish population aged 16 to 74 hold the same opinion.

The Danish Immigration Minister states the obvious.

Over the years, it has become increasingly clear that transplanting people from one culture to another is more difficult than one had imagined, he believes.

Yeah. Learn from your errors. Send the evil clowns back to their shitholes.


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