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Standards are for White people

The enlightened philosophy of More Coloreds Now! in action:

The University of California board of regents voted Thursday to stop using the SAT and ACT college admissions exams, reshaping college admissions in one of the largest and most prestigious university systems in the country and dealing a significant blow to the multibillion-dollar college admission testing industry. The unanimous 23-to-0 vote ratified a proposal put forward last month by UC President Janet Napolitano to phase out the exams over the next five years until the sprawling UC system can develop its own test.

The reason given is quite amusing:

The battle against standardized tests has raged for years because minority students score, on average, lower than their white classmates. Advocates argue that the exams are an unfair admission barrier to those students because they often cannot pay for pricey test preparation.

This is why I don't watch basketball games. The white players score, on average, lower than their black teammates. Racisss!



This is to weed out Asians, under the guise of protecting minorities. If we go by SAT/ACT, Asians will take up 75% of college seats.

Isaac Schrödinger

It'll be interesting to see the reasons for the gigantic difference between the average earning power of the Asians vs. the blacks who make it through this biased system. It'll be something something Asians are honorary Whites and everybody hates blacks.

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