White Lives Matter

Oink Oink!

A Winnipeg woman said she will continue to advocate for body positivity after being the subject of misogynistic comments in a private group chat involving NHL players. [...]

In it, the group of men made comments about different women's online photos, including Zajac's, writing comments like "oink oink," "she's actually disgusting" and "I honestly hope their [sic] fat so I can just degrade them." The men also insulted other NHL players.

That last sentence is very illuminating. Nobody cares that they insulted men. Men are strong and they can take it. However, women are weak, fragile, and deeply insecure. So, any negative commentary about them won't be tolerated. Equality!

University of Manitoba men's hockey player Jeremey Leipsic, Brendan's younger brother, was also on the chat. In an emailed statement sent to CBC News, the Bisons said they kicked him off the team Thursday.

Making fun of a whale in a private chat is now a firing offense in the current year.


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