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Not all about luck

There are a few big ways luck plays a part:

  1. Wealth.
  2. Genetics.
  3. Religion.
  4. Economic system / stability.

A mentally retarded girl born to poor Muslim parents in a hardcore socialist country in the midst of a war would definitely qualify as very unlucky.

However, most people don't really mean luck in that sense. Usually, when they say "you got lucky", they're referring to someone in a similar environment as themselves. A kid who studies hard to ace a test or practices for months to win a sports competition wasn't just fortunate relative to his peers. Telling him that "you got lucky" would be a cruel way of dismissing his hard work.

This thinking is quite common among adults. For example, most people have no clue about the risks a person has to take to succeed in business. Their contempt is obvious when they say, "that jerk just got lucky." These mediocrities trash those who thrive. The prudent ones recognize the golden opportunity to emulate the successful and better their lots.

Anyway, if one can boil it down to its essence, then:

Success = Knowledge + Willpower + Luck



Success = Knowledge + Willpower + Luck

You will be surprised by the % of successful people who just happen to be born to rich parents. Current POTUS is a very good example.

Isaac Schrödinger

Many rich sons overdose on drugs and die young. Were they unlucky?

Six years ago, Trump was treated like royalty in New York. He could have lived a life of opulent luxury in his old age. Late night show hosts were laughing and salivating when he announced that he was running for president. Hillary was a lock! Then, with zero military and political experience, and a rabid, hateful mainstream media, he crushed the Bush dynasty, spanked the Clintons, and started rolling back the Obama legacy.

Trump is, no question, a lucky man. But there's a lot more substance for his unprecedented success and accomplishments over the past five years.


Stop Stop Stop. I am a Trump supporter and you are preaching to the choir.
I was merely commenting on the fact that Trump is not self-made successful businessman. He inherited.
Nothing more nothing less.

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