The Nefarious Narratives
Calm joggers

Joggers Gone Wild

This is just like how White people go around burning down buildings and robbing drug stores when a black cop murders a White guy.

Anger over the death of George Floyd under a police officer’s knee spilled into the streets of Minneapolis for a second night Wednesday, intensifying well beyond Tuesday night’s unrest with a shooting death, widespread looting and a fire that shrouded the Lake Street neighborhood in smoke. [...]

Vandals broke into Chicago-Lake Liquor, and also shattered a few windows at the Midtown Market down the block. They also targeted businesses along W. Broadway Avenue, north Minneapolis’ main commercial drag, and in the Uptown area. Several pharmacies were reportedly burglarized, with suspects fleeing with handfuls of prescription pill bottles.

Vox Day had lived in that area and he writes:

Anyhow, I won't mind if the joggers burn all of South Minneapolis to the ground. It's a vibrant hellhole of diversity, and perhaps a sufficiently large conflagration will shake at least some idiot Minnesota liberals out of their smug equalitarianism.

And as one socialgalactician noted, it won't be long before the word "jogger" is banned.

OMG, not the j-word!


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