Joggers Gone Wild
They bad as fuck bro!

Calm joggers

The mainstream media will go to insane lengths to minimize the carnage of joggers:

An MSNBC journalist attempted to explain that the violence that erupted in Minneapolis on Thursday night was "mostly a protest" despite a building burning right behind him. 

Ali Velshi was reporting live from the Twin Cities amid the uproar following the death of 46-year-old George Floyd. Velshi attempted to explain that what he was witnessing was "calmer" than the night prior. [...]

Velshi then acknowledged that he could see "four fires" within his vicinity, including a liquor store that was burning behind him as well as the 3rd Precinct police department, which was earlier evacuated before the crowd set it on fire.

Ali Velshi on 9/11: Oh, just some mild turbulence on a few planes in the US. Totally not unruly! Ignore those burning buildings!


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