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Deadly weekend in Nova Scotia

The Sweden Experiment

Sweden, for now, is defending its lax approach to the Coronavirus. Lena Einhorn is definitely not amused:

Lena Einhorn, a virologist who has been strongly critical of Sweden's strategy, told the Sunday Telegraph she was in disbelief that Dr Tegnell could present this week's figures as good news.

She said: "In Finland on Thursday the cumulative number was 13 dead per million inhabitants, in Sweden it was 130 per million inhabitants. Finland: 75 dead, Norway: 152 dead, Sweden: 1,333 dead.

"And yet Anders Tegnell is saying 'we are feeling very hopeful'. What are they hopeful about?"

Also, according to the experts, Sweden could get to "herd immunity" next month. My understanding is that over 50% of the population would need to be infected for that to happen. If that's true, then many more thousands will die in Sweden in the coming weeks.


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