So dumb
China is asshole

Should have listened to N. N. Taleb!

The Canadian government didn't understand the risk till it was too late:

A March 10 department-drafted briefing note prepared for Health Minister Patty Hajdu ahead of question period said that, with just 12 cases being reported nationwide at that point, "the risk of spread of this virus within Canada remains low at this time." The note also said the public health system is "well-equipped to contain cases coming from abroad, limiting the spread in Canada."

A month later, Canada has more than 21,000 cases.

21,243 cases now. That's a 177,000% increase in the number of infected people in Canada in one month! That's what happens when you have a politically correct, totally not-racist, unlike that horrible Trump attitude to public health.

Between Jan. 22 and Feb. 18, 58,000 travellers arrived in Canada from China — 2,030 of them were coming from Hubei province.

Only 68 were pulled aside for further assessment by a quarantine officer and only three passengers were actually flagged for a medical exam — the other 65 passengers were sent away with a pamphlet.

It's impossible to know how many pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic passengers were released into the general Canadian population.

The Ontario government sent text messages in late March -- telling recent international travelers to "self-isolate". The problem? There is no way for the government to check up or enforce that policy. Many who came back from long trips immediately went shopping to stock up. I know of a grocery store nearby where a guy was chatting on his phone describing his recent trip to Florida! The store manager found out and asked him to leave and go home. He only did so after he finished shopping.


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