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Sweden vs. Neighbours

Sweden's experiment is quite costly. The death rate per million in Sweden is six times higher than its two, next-door neighbours. That ugly ratio is going to get worse for Sweden. According to the recent daily stats, three people died from the virus in Norway.

Sweden's latest one-day body count? 124.

Country Confirmed Deaths


per million

Sweden 21,092 2,586 256
Denmark 9,158 452 78
Norway 7,738 210 39
Finland 4,995 211 38

High lethality

That's almost 21,000 excess deaths in 46 days in NYC. The worst flu season of the last decade killed an estimated 80,000 people in the entire Unites States. It's quite possible that Corona will end up killing more people than that in NYC before the year is over.

First time! In history!

All he had to do was look at the US a few years back when quite a few "healthy" doctors and nurses were quarantined. Why? The quarantines -- 21 days! -- were an "overreaction" when a couple of doctors returned from Africa with the Ebola virus and one of them died.

A holy month to remember

Life in the largest Muslim country:

THOUSANDS of Muslim men are seen attending a packed Friday prayer service despite concerns of the new coronavirus outbreak.

Faithful Muslims flocked to the Lhokseumawe mosque in the religiously conservative province of Aceh, Indonesia, to mark the first day of the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

We've been reliably told that the coronavirus only infects infidels. Muslims are totally safe. No need to worry. Science!

There are currently 8,211 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Indonesia and 869 deaths, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. Experts anticipate with no coherent lockdown plans, the numbers will escalate.

Assault on the body

One month ago when the country went into lockdown to prepare for the first wave of coronavirus cases, many doctors felt confident they knew what they were dealing with. Based on early reports, covid-19 appeared to be a standard variety respiratory virus, albeit a contagious and lethal one with no vaccine and no treatment. They’ve since seen how covid-19 attacks not only the lungs, but also the kidneys, heart, intestines, liver and brain.

This novel coronavirus is vicious:

Lewis Kaplan, a University of Pennsylvania physician and head of the Society of Critical Care Medicine, said every year doctors treat people with clotting complications, from those with cancer to victims of severe trauma, “and they don’t clot like this.”

“The problem we are having is that while we understand that there is a clot, we don’t yet understand why there is a clot,” Kaplan said. “We don’t know. And therefore, we are scared.” [...]

Although there was no consensus on the biology of why this was happening and what could be done about it, many came to believe the clots might be responsible for a significant share of U.S. deaths from covid-19 — possibly explaining why so many people are dying at home.

She couldn't resist the apple

Yup. Men usually don't buy stuff because it's sooo delicious, sooo cute, or it was 50% off! That's why the marketing is geared towards women.

Damaged survivors

Yeah, it's scary. You'll most likely recover if you get the virus but you'll also have complications. Just how serious? Well, we'll be learning that the hard way. That's the nature of a novel coronavirus.

Taleb on Sweden

That's the nature of the risk with herd immunity. The politicians in Sweden chose a more functioning economy over a few extra alive and healthy.

Population: 38 million
Deaths from Coronavirus: ~2,000

Population: 10 million
Deaths from Coronavirus: ~2,000

Norway + Finland + Denmark
Population: 16.5 millon
Deaths from Coronavirus: ~720

The numbers for Sweden are only going to get worse.

Pampered Pelosi

Let's showcase premium ice cream in a $24,000 freezer while Americans are suffering through the worst economic time in a century.

It truly was a stunning display of ignorance, poor taste, and mediocre politics. Nobody close to her thought that this was a very bad idea?

Deadly weekend in Nova Scotia

One man went full psycho and murdered over a dozen people:

RCMP say 17 people are dead, including one of their officers, after a man who at one point wore a police uniform and drove a mock-up cruiser went on a rampage across northern Nova Scotia in one of the deadliest killing sprees in Canadian history.

Police said Sunday night the suspected shooter, 51-year-old Gabriel Wortman, was killed after being intercepted by officers in Enfield, N.S.

The Sweden Experiment

Sweden, for now, is defending its lax approach to the Coronavirus. Lena Einhorn is definitely not amused:

Lena Einhorn, a virologist who has been strongly critical of Sweden's strategy, told the Sunday Telegraph she was in disbelief that Dr Tegnell could present this week's figures as good news.

She said: "In Finland on Thursday the cumulative number was 13 dead per million inhabitants, in Sweden it was 130 per million inhabitants. Finland: 75 dead, Norway: 152 dead, Sweden: 1,333 dead.

"And yet Anders Tegnell is saying 'we are feeling very hopeful'. What are they hopeful about?"

Also, according to the experts, Sweden could get to "herd immunity" next month. My understanding is that over 50% of the population would need to be infected for that to happen. If that's true, then many more thousands will die in Sweden in the coming weeks.

All within the state

Their propaganda factories are threatened by those parents who home school their kids. So, their solution is predictable: put those parents in jail and force their kids into the factories.

Just like the flu, again

The Coronavirus has infected fewer people than the flu while killing more people than the flu in the US! How the fuck can its mortality rate be lower!? Let's take a look at how the percentages were calcuated:

The influenza mortality rate = (deaths/people infected) * 100%

The Corona mortality rate = (deaths/total US population) * 100%

What kind of horse shit comparison is that? Let's use the correct formula to get the mortality rate for Corona in the USA at this moment in time:

The Corona mortality rate = (deaths/people infected) * 100%

= (39,014/738,830) * 100%

= 5.28%

Yeah, just like the flu.

Diversity is strength!

Sweden is dealing with higher cases of Corona from immigrants:

Immigrants from Somalia and some parts of the Middle East are heavily over-represented among those infected by COVID-19 in Sweden, according to the Public Health Authority.

During its recent press conference, the agency said that this particularly applied to Somalis, but also immigrants from Iraq, Syria, Finland, Turkey, Iran, the former Yugoslavia, and Eritrea.

“We have an over-representation of people born abroad”, state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell said, singling out those with Somalia and Iraq as the country of origin.

Just like the flu

Many have made asinine comparisons to the flu. See, the flu killed X last year whereas Corona has killed less than X. Therefore, not as bad as the flu!

What they don't notice is that a) the Corono R0 is extremely high, and b) Corona just made its debut; it needs a few weeks to warm up:

A few concrete numbers from NYC:

New York had 4,749 deaths as a result of influenza and pneumonia in 2018, according to the Centers for Disease Control (statistics for 2019 were not available). The New York City Department of Health said that roughly 2,000 of those deaths happen within the five boroughs every year.

If divided equally over the course of a year, slightly under 400 New Yorkers died each month in 2018 from the flu or pneumonia, around 167 of whom were in the city. It is consistently one of the top five causes of death in the state and NYC.

Total deaths from the flu in NYC in 2018: 2,000

Deaths, so far, from the Coronavirus in NYC in 2020: 11,477

Poor instincts

Like Hillary Clinton, Pelosi is also totally tone-deaf:

The wardens are not happy

MIT has been uploading in-class lectures from certain professors for over two decades. A student can miss his 8:30 a.m. class and still get the exact same info at noon upon waking up. However, most universities don't offer this option. This old high school and university system is incredibly inefficient*. Worse, as the Dark Lord puts it:

Conventional classroom education is expensive, unhealthy, and unethical.

Of course, the purpose of the system isn't education but Leftist indoctrination. Also, as one commenter correctly states: K-12 is basically daycare for parents.

* Think about how much money universities could save by a) hiring only one superstar lecturer per course, and b) not having to pay weekly rent and utility costs for giant halls. From a purely economics point of view, online education would be a HUGE money-saver for these institutions. So, it's not about the money ...

Traitors in charge

A million Canadians have lost their jobs in a just a few weeks. An excellent way to help them is to import tens of thousands of foreign workers:

Employers bringing thousands of agricultural labourers into Canada in the coming weeks will be required to quarantine them before they can work, and the federal government is promising to offset some of the costs.

Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau announced $50 million in federal funding Monday to provide $1,500 per worker, which can be used to cover wages while they are in quarantine or the costs of space to isolate for the 14 days required under a law meant to stop the spread of COVID-19.

What a perverse situation: unemployed Canadians are going to pay higher taxes to subsidize workers from other countries. On the bright side, they won't be called racists.

Diversity rules

Of course. Standards are for White people. You can't expect coloreds to follow the same rules!? That would be so intolerant and racisss!

Math is very hard

These people don't understand the basic reproduction number: R0. So, of course, they don't get that reducing that number, even by a small amount, has HUGE benefits. Let's take a simple example in which a virus spreads very quickly every day. Let's say a person returns from travel with this virus. He spreads it into the local community by visiting family, friends, and various markets. In this case, R0 is 3. After one week, a staggering 2,187 people would be infected.

Days after infection R0 = 2 R0 = 3
1 2 3
2 4 9
3 8 27
4 16 81
5 32 243
6 64 729
7 128 2,187

Now, let's say, a similar city a few hours away implements a mask protocol. The masks reduce the risk of transmission by only 33%. Then, the R0 would be 2. One infected person who visits that city would end up infecting only 128 people after one week.

So, a 33% reduction in R0 improves the situation by 94% in ONE WEEK. A month or a year later, the reductions would be even more staggering.

Diversity is Death

The Brits have the most finely tuned racism on the planet. They can distinguish between colored Muslims and colored Hindus. Of course, they should get more Muslims in the police force. The idea that those Muslims will help cover up crimes in their halaal communities is, of course, racisss!

Can't forget the Manspreading Plague

Deadliest Disasters of World History:

It's easy to get caught up in the daily death totals of COVID-19. But we have to keep a proper perspective. It's important to remember that there were far worse tragedies throughout world history.

To that end, we had our interns search Bing* for "What are the deadliest disasters in world history?" We compiled the results into this handy infographic. So the next time someone starts to fearmonger over the Coronavirus outbreak, just whip out this handy chart and hand it to them -- from six feet away, of course.

The ChiCom Con

China has been absolutely brutal towards its own Muslim population. One would be an idiot to think that the Chinese dictatorship would be nice to foreign Muslims:

In a rather hilarious and an uncanny incident, China, the now 'fair-weathered' friend of Pakistan, had promised 'top quality' medical aid to Pakistan for fighting the deadly coronavirus infection has ended up sending N95 masks made out of underwear. China actually duped Pakistan as its 'top quality' aid failed to be of any help for Pakistan.

Reporting the news, the anchor of the Pakistani news channel said, "China ne chuna laga diya," which in English means China actually conned us (Pakistan).

Now, that's poetry.

China is asshole

China imported more than two billion masks and 25 million pieces of protective clothing from overseas before the coronavirus outbreak reached pandemic levels, it has been revealed. [...]

Chinese-owned property developer Risland Australia was reported to have flown 80 tonnes of medical supplies on a corporate jet to Wuhan in late February. [...]

Another Chinese property company, Greenland Group, retasked its employees to purchase face masks, hand sanitisers, antibacterial wipes, thermometers, Panadol and other medical items in bulk for shipment to China.

Greenland bought up three million surgical masks, 500,000 pairs of gloves and bulk supplies of sanitiser and antibacterial wipes in Australia and other countries where the company operates.

Who could have predicted this outcome?

Australian hospitals are now struggling to cope with a shortage masks and other protective gear as the number of coronavirus cases in the country continue to soar.

China imported billions of high-quality masks in the past few months while sending millions of low-quality, Chinese-made masks to Western nations. If they wanted the rest of the world to hate them even more after the spread of Corona, then they definitely succeeded.

Should have listened to N. N. Taleb!

The Canadian government didn't understand the risk till it was too late:

A March 10 department-drafted briefing note prepared for Health Minister Patty Hajdu ahead of question period said that, with just 12 cases being reported nationwide at that point, "the risk of spread of this virus within Canada remains low at this time." The note also said the public health system is "well-equipped to contain cases coming from abroad, limiting the spread in Canada."

A month later, Canada has more than 21,000 cases.

21,243 cases now. That's a 177,000% increase in the number of infected people in Canada in one month! That's what happens when you have a politically correct, totally not-racist, unlike that horrible Trump attitude to public health.

Between Jan. 22 and Feb. 18, 58,000 travellers arrived in Canada from China — 2,030 of them were coming from Hubei province.

Only 68 were pulled aside for further assessment by a quarantine officer and only three passengers were actually flagged for a medical exam — the other 65 passengers were sent away with a pamphlet.

It's impossible to know how many pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic passengers were released into the general Canadian population.

The Ontario government sent text messages in late March -- telling recent international travelers to "self-isolate". The problem? There is no way for the government to check up or enforce that policy. Many who came back from long trips immediately went shopping to stock up. I know of a grocery store nearby where a guy was chatting on his phone describing his recent trip to Florida! The store manager found out and asked him to leave and go home. He only did so after he finished shopping.

A Very Bad Year

The staggering cost of coronavirus:

A staggering 16.8 million Americans lost their jobs in just three weeks in a measure of how fast the coronavirus has brought world economies to their knees. Meanwhile, religious leaders around the globe Thursday urged people to celebrate Good Friday and Easter from the safety of their homes.

Just two months ago, it was so puzzling to see all-time highs for the US stock markets. I thought: if the pandemic is serious, then surely people will be taking their money out? Where is the collapse? And then, we got the most epic selling in over three decades.

Now, in just one month, the job market is utterly dead. The unemployment rate is racing towards the worst in almost a century. The really bad news will be when mortgages go unpaid and banks start failing. That's the global nightmare triple failure: stock markets, housing markets, and banks. For the average person that's the massacre of their equity investments, real estate, and savings.

Dumb and incompetent

Really? Where is China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Russia, and the UK?

It's strange how the media uses per capita testing numbers to place the US in the last spot but then uses total numbers of infected to tout the US as the Corona Champion. It's almost like they don't like the God Emperor.

Unmasking the idiots

The "experts" were telling the public not to bother with masks a few weeks ago.

They were also discouraging people from stocking up on food, toilet paper, disinfectants, etc. If you stocked up, then the worse that will happen is that you'll have rice, flour, pasta, and so on for many many months. If you didn't stock up, then the worse is that the Coronavirus shatters the supply chains and YOU DON'T HAVE FOOD FOR YOUR FAMILY.

Stocking up is the rational option. Yet, idiots on the Internet point and laugh at those who took the logical steps.

Bigger problems than a virus

No matter how horrible things get in the West, it's going to be tough to beat this:

Turkmenistan has banned the use of the word 'coronavirus' and threatened to arrest people wearing face masks, a watchdog has said. Paris-based group Reporters Without Borders said anyone talking about the coronavirus is liable to be arrested by plainclothes police in the country.

A Turkmen radio station claims that special agents have been eavesdropping on people in buses and public places to find people talking about the contagion.

Pakistan has serious competition for the title of King of the Trash-can-istans.

Reporters Without Borders provided this bizarre update on April 2:

ERRATUM - A previous version of this article, posted on the RSF site on 31 March, unfortunately was based on an error. Contrary to what we initially reported, the term “coronavirus” was not as such censored in the Turkmen media. We apologize to our readers for this mistake, which was corrected as quickly as possible.

Zoolander will educate Trump

Faced with a White House-ordered ban on exports of key COVID-19 medical supplies to Canada and abroad, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is trying a more diplomatic approach with U.S. President Donald Trump, hoping to convince him such a ban will harm Americans and Canadians alike. [...]

He highlighted that thousands of medical workers who live in Canada work every day in the United States, helping to treat novel coronavirus patients in America. He also noted Canada supplies the U.S. with many key COVID-19 supplies including pulp for surgical-grade N95 masks, test kits and gloves.

That's likely a good argument for the US to eventually make its own pulp to secure the supply chain and completely cut out Canada. Trudeau is correct, though. That will harm Americans: the masks will be more expensive. Canadians will be harmed as well: no surgical-grade masks from the US.

Knowing Trump, he'll make some deal.

More pain ahead

National Post:

The COVID-19 modelling released by Ontario officials on Friday shows a best-case scenario where thousands more deaths can be prevented, but it means implementing even further distancing measures than what’s already in place.

This includes closing more businesses, keeping a so-called “ring of steel” around vulnerable centres such as long-term care homes, and making increased use of technology such as cell phone alerts.

It also requires building up a “small army” of staff to do contact tracing, the resource-intensive work of tracking down all the recent contacts of someone who’s tested positive for the virus.

“We need to bear down heavily on this disease now, because it will save lives,” said Peter Donnelly, president and CEO of Ontario Public Health. “It will allow our healthcare system to cope. And ultimately, it will be the best way to help our economy bounce back.”

Racing towards the worst

A quarter of the way there:

The coronavirus outbreak has thrown 10 million Americans out of work in just two weeks, the swiftest, most stunning collapse the U.S. job market has ever witnessed, and economists warn unemployment could reach levels not seen since the Depression, as the economic damage piles up around the world.

The bleak news Thursday — a record-shattering 6.6 million new unemployment claims on top of last week's unprecedented 3.3 million — came as the competition for scarce ventilators, masks and other protective gear seemed to grow more desperate and deaths mounted with alarming speed in Italy, Spain and New York, the most lethal hot spot in the nation, with nearly 2,400 lives lost.

The highest unemployment rate in US history was during the Great Depression: 25%. If it does hit that level again, then the total number of unemployed will be 41 million. The middle class will have to sell their equities. The stock market crash will continue. Others will have to sell their homes. The housing crash will begin. Many won't be able to pay their mortgages. Banks will start to fail. So, those who had put away a few bucks will see their savings evaporate. Guns, ammo, and toilet paper will be the new currencies.

The vaccine can't be made soon enough.

The Great Depression 2.0

An absolutely devastating possibility for the United States:

As the coronavirus, or COVID-19, wreaks havoc on the U.S. economy, more than 66 million jobs across sales, production, and food preparation services are at “high risk” of layoffs, according to a St. Louis Federal Reserve economist.

Using 2018 occupational data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) detailing 808 occupations, the St. Louis Fed’s Charles Gascon found that 66.8 million people — 46% of working Americans — are employed in these occupations that are at “high risk” of layoffs.