The Wicked

Those moderate Malaysians

Wanting to surprise her son on his 14th birthday, she travelled by coach from Singapore to Selangor to see him. When she got there, Ms Noridayu Zainuddin, 40, found her son Imann with a swollen face and running a high fever.

It's not Mr. Corona. It's a different virus:

Ms Noridayu said that when she arrived together with her mother, sister and her other son on Feb 27, the day before her son's birthday, she noticed that there was something wrong with Imann. "He looked very pale and was not his usual cheerful self. There was a large swelling on the left side of his face, and he was so quiet, as though he was afraid to say something." [...]

"The principal said that he did not even notice Imann was sick, and that to him everything was normal. He then quickly changed the topic and tried to evade my questions," she said.

The mother took her son to the hospital as soon as she learned that his Quran teacher had smashed his face with a slipper. 

"The doctor told me that we were lucky to arrive when we did. Any later, and there could have been damage to Imann's eyes and brain," the mother said.


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