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Solid state premium

Proving that where there's a will, there's a way, these days higher-end desktop replacement laptops can beat mainstream gaming desktops on general-purpose computing performance, graphics performance, and even RAM capacity. But what about storage? For those with deep pockets, Eurocom now offers built-to-order notebooks with up to 28 TB of raw solid-state storage.

Upon reading that 28 TB figure, my brain was flashing red neon dollar signs.

Customers requiring extreme storage capacity can now order three Sabrent Rocket 4 TB SSDs (Phison PS5012-E12, 3D TLC NAND, PCIe 3.0 x4) and two Micron 5100-series 8 TB SATA SSDs for a total of 28 TB of raw NAND flash (the usable capacity will be lower). The cost of such a storage subsystem alone is about $10,700 without installation and RAID configurations, but if you need it, it exists: you will just have to open your wallet.

Who would buy that laptop? I understand that some people require all the horsepower and storage they can get but having it in mobile form would be worrisome. Durability of the device and strong possibility of theft would be my concerns.


Jack Matthews

Someone who works in remote area's for multiple months straight(Oil Rigs/Mine Sites etc) - where Personal items are "carry on" luggage only.
Durability of Eurocom/Sager/Clevo/Metabox Desktop(Gaming) replacements are excellent.
I have had 2 - each lasted 5 years before being retired - due to technological obsolescence...
Also buying the Laptop with CPU/GPU & separately buying the other components(SSD's) saves alot of $$$

Isaac Schrödinger

Thanks, Jack. That's quite a niche market. Yeah, the parts upgrades from the manufacturer are way too expensive. It's better to buy the components and add/replace yourself. Reminds me of the time two decades ago when I opened up my laptop to add a 64 MB RAM chip. I think I saved close to $200!

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