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Sadiq Khan's London

"A crazy man" was shot and killed in London:

Armed police have shot dead a suspected terrorist feared to be wearing a suicide vest after at least two people were stabbed during a machete rampage on a busy south London high street - three months after two were killed in London Bridge horror.

Strange that zero identification is provided about the guilty party. We get this amusing bit in the middle of the article:

'I heard two people got stabbed and apparently one man was shouting Allahu Akbar but people thought he was just a crazy man, so he got away. Apparently he had two rucksacks.'

The UK legal system is a cruel joke:

The man shot dead by police after he stabbed two people in London on Sunday left prison only days ago and had previously been noted by police as having a “fascination with dying in the name of terrorism”, it has emerged. [...]

Jailed aged 18 in December 2018, Amman had been released after serving part of his three year and four month sentence, but was deemed sufficiently high risk that he was under special monitoring by police.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these people. What's the point of releasing a criminal early, only to then have him be followed by armed officers?



He is an Indonesian Muslim Sudesh Amman. Quite a pedigree. Siblings working for ISIS.

Isaac Schrödinger

How charming. A family enterprise.

It's astonishing how the Western intelligence services can point out these Jihadist types to the police and then get them behind bars, only to have the courts release them before their lame sentences are over.

The same shit happened in Belgium. A guy brought an AK-47 to rob a bank. The police showed up. He shot an officer who fortunately survived. For all that enrichment, he got a measly ten years sentence but got released after serving only four years!

He went on to plan and carry out the most lethal terrorist attack in Belgium since the Second World War. 32 people were killed. He should have been immediately deported after his ten-year sentence was over.

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