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This is madness!

Biden has shockingly awful political instincts for a man who was once the VP.

Furthermore, the entire party has gone mad. Vote for Democrats in 2020 who'll:

  • raise your taxes for the common good!
  • trample the Constitution and take away your guns.
  • destroy the oil industry by onerous laws and regulations.
  • provide free healthcare to tens of millions of illegal aliens.
  • open the borders to all the immigrants from shitholes of the world.

There is no equality

A few years ago, I heard a woman who was talking about boys and girls. She said that the sexes are equal and the differences are "socially constructed". An older woman, a grandmother, seating nearby was shaking her head. That didn't faze the ignorant fool who kept on talking about the horrible oppression of society.

Her profession? Science teacher.

Of course, reality provides concrete lessons:

Your average guy has twice the upper body strength of a woman. After a few months in the gym, that guy can double his strength. So, now, he is roughly four times stronger than a woman when it comes to lifting, pushing, and punching. A man with gifted genetics and discipline can become more than ten times stronger than the average woman. He might as well be a different species at that point. Yet, we get stories in which women are stunned and surprised when their slim boyfriend gets to showcase his strength. This is what happens when you swallow the GRRRL power nonsense from the media.

Living under a rock

The chief of police in the Maldives has apologised after a bikini-clad British tourist screamed 'you're sexually assaulting me' as she was manhandled and arrested.

The relevant video from Maldives:

Some info about this lovely place:

Islam is the official religion of the Maldives and open practice of any other religion is forbidden and liable to prosecution. Article 2 of the revised constitution says that the republic "is based on the principles of Islam." Article nine says that "a non-Muslim may not become a citizen"; Article ten says that "no law contrary to any principle of Islam can be applied".

This dumb woman prances around in a bikini in an Islamic country and then screams when the police want to cover up that sinful meat.

This is not that hard: Don't vacation in Islamic societies.

Losing again

A fierce behind the scenes dispute between Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office and Facebook erupted into public view Friday, as the Speaker’s office demanded that Facebook remove a video posted online by President Donald Trump. [...]

Both Facebook and Twitter decided against removing the Trump video, although the companies cited different reasons for their decision.

What a dumb move by Pelosi. Does she really think that the video will get less attention after she BANS it from social media sites? Her dumb "request" itself backfired as more people are now watching the smackdown.

Who are these people?

"Get off your bum and do stuff yourself," says the fat cunt.

Instead of praising the feminine wife, the female host tears her down. Though, the plain truth does come out in the very last sentence.

I do wonder if the reaction would have been this visceral if the genders were reversed. Would they be bashing the husband for getting up early to make breakfast?

AMD shreds Intel

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X Offers Incredible Linux Performance.

If you are looking for the absolute best single-socket workstation performance for Linux, there has already been the Threadripper 3970X that easily outperforms the likes of the Core i9 10980XE as Intel's top-end HEDT product, but now the Threadripper 3990X is shipping. The Threadripper 3990X is AMD's first 64-core / 128-thread desktop/workstation processor and will love your multi-threaded workloads from code compilation to content creation.

We had dual core and quad core processors for consumers for almost a decade. Then, in the span of three years, we went all the way to 64-core CPUs thanks to AMD. 

When taking the geometric mean of the benchmarks for this article today, The Threadripper 3990X came out overall 26% faster than the dual Xeon Platinum 8280, which is a very nice accomplishment since such a configuration currently retails for $20,000 USD worth of processors alone.

The AMD CPU that retails for $4,000 is 26% faster than the $20,000 Intel processors setup. That's shocking. Also, it's amazing that AMD is offering their product at such a low price considering it's stunning performance. One outcome is certain: Intel will lose significant market share in 2020.

Here are the results for the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X vs. Intel Xeons on different Windows setups. The results are very bad for Intel.

End the oppression

Students go under crushing debt to hear this bullshit:

The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond’s “Undoing Racism” workshop, hosted on various college campuses and other community locations across the nation, works to end systemic racism and institutional oppression.

One way it apparently does that is by telling attendees “all white people are racist.”

If that is true, then all colored people should leave White countries. Why subject yourself to any further suffering?

Those moderate Indonesians

An Indonesian woman who doctors say should receive psychiatric treatment was acquitted Wednesday of blasphemy charges for taking a dog into a mosque.

What's so hard about telling the woman to take her dog and leave? Nope, not good enough. The Muslims had to pressure the cops. A conviction would have meant five years in jail. Terrorists with AK-47s who rob banks don't spend that much time in jail in Europe!

Amnesty International said the case was "unfortunate and absurd."

Yup. Unfortunately, this is not unexpected because in Indonesia one can be thrown behind bars for complaining about noise.

In 2018, a court in Sumatra sentenced a woman who complained about the volume of a mosque's loudspeakers to 18 months in prison for blasphemy. She was released on parole in May.

Oh, the loud, blaring, out-of-sync azaan noises from various mosques woke you up at 3:15 a.m. and now you're complaining about it!?! You go to jail.

More cultural enrichment

Just a tiny minority of 3,000 "extremist" suspects.

Britain's most senior counter-terrorism officer today said it is not possible to watch every extremist on UK streets because there are too many - as he backed plans to keep terrorists locked up for longer. [...]

He told the Evening Standard that he hoped bystanders would raise the alarm about suspicious conduct and remain vigilant at all times - adding that the threat of terrorism in the UK is 'not diminishing' following a third attack in three months.

Here's a stunning fact regarding Sudesh Amman:

A team of about 20 officers had been following him round the clock since his release from Belmarsh Prison a week earlier.

Later in the article, we get this lovely news:

There are 224 terrorists in prison in Britain, with most thought to be holding Islamist extremist views, according to the latest published figures to the end of September. As many as 50 terrorists could be freed from jail this year, figures suggest.

What could possibly go wrong?

Negro magic cancelled

Barnes & Noble is withdrawing a planned line of famous literature reissued with multicultural cover images that has been met with widespread criticism on social media.

"We acknowledge the voices who have expressed concerns about the Diverse Editions project at our Barnes & Noble Fifth Avenue store and have decided to suspend the initiative," Barnes & Noble announced in a statement Wednesday.

The author Adriana Herrera had called the books, scheduled to be launched this week, “the classics in blackface.”

This entire brain-dead debacle was quite entertaining. The whole point of diversity is to fuck White people. Here, they were using diversity to make more money for the non-colored folks! That's NOT okay!

A sad, old woman

Crazy Nancy should spend some time in the gym:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi apparently made tiny tears into her copy of President Trump’s State of the Union address — so that her speech-ripping moment could go off without a hitch.

Oh, that strong, independent woman! Unfortunately, it didn't help:

She ended up overexerting herself, and 54 different bones in her hands and wrists immediately snapped during the ripping. Fourteen different muscles were also strained. She fell to the ground in pain, nearly getting trampled by Mike Pence and President Trump, who pretended not to see her.


Viral video fail

An Ontario man who caused a WestJet flight to turn around and fly back to Toronto claims his intent was to create a viral video when he suggested on the plane that he may be sick with the new coronavirus. [...]

Asked why he performed this stunt, he said: "Well, it was really just to create a viral video, to get something that, in my opinion, would have gone onto 6ixbuzz," a Toronto social media site.

Air Canada should simply send him the bill for all the extra costs.

The Short Squeeze of 2020

Tesla going to the moon:

"Tesla shorts were down $2.89 billion in ... losses in 2019 and are down $8.31 billion in ... losses so far in 2020, including $2.47 billion on today's price move," S3 Partners analyst Ihor Dusaniwsky said in a research note.

Tesla stock price at the beginning of this year was $430. It's now at $945. Those who bought calls made an absolute killing. Those who bought puts are crying.

Evaporating talent

An absolutely humiliating defeat:

Having been deflated with a collapse of 6 for 26, Pakistan Under-19 could pose no challenge to the India Under-19 opening pair of Yashasvi Jaiswal and Divyaansh Saxena, who shared an unbeaten stand of 176 to lead the defending champions to a thumping ten-wicket win in the first semi-final of the Under-19 World Cup in Potchefstroom.

What a total slaughter. Pakistan used to be famous for their bowling. Today, their teenagers couldn't even manage a single wicket in 35 overs. So sad.

Malignant Dissemblers

Isn't it strange that the media doesn't call them on what they constantly lecture us about and how they live?

Free, government-run healthcare for everyone!
Go to private hospitals with superior service.

People should use public transportation!
Get driven around in luxury cars and fly in private jets.

All children should go to public schools!
Send their kids to elite private schools.

The rich need to pay their fair share!
Make millions and shield their wealth.

No one needs an AR-15. Ban them!
They say that while surrounded by guards with ... AR-15s!

It was a prank, bro!

An Air Canada flight makes a u-turn and flies back to Toronto:

Just two hours into a WestJet flight from Toronto to Montego Bay, Jamaica, passengers had their trips unexpectedly cut short on Monday after a passenger claimed he had the coronavirus.

At some point during Flight WS 2702 the man stood up, announced that he was recently in China and had contracted the disease, according to Peel Regional Police.

"That announcement was shared by the flight crew to the captain and a decision was made for the plane to return back to Pearson [International Airport]," said Const. Bancroft Wright.

No matter where you are, there's almost always one asshole.

Feel the Bern!

The Supreme Dark Lord:

Creepy Joe was destroyed by Bernie Sanders, so they need more time to produce fake ballots and destroy enough of the Sanders votes. And given today's Democrats can't run either an impeachment or a caucus, who could possibly imagine that they can run the federal government successfully?

Apparently, Socialist Sanders got nearly one-third of the votes and Creepy Joe's low total didn't even meet the minimum criteria!

This vote is very important ...

Er, maybe not!

No friends

China accused the United States on Monday of whipping up panic over a fast-spreading coronavirus with travel restrictions and evacuations as Chinese stocks plunged on the first day back from the extended Lunar New Year holiday.

Can't say that this is unexpected:

Airlines around the world have suspended flights but Pakistan, a close Chinese ally, bucked the trend on Monday and said it was resuming air travel after a three-day suspension.

Pakistan has basically made itself the enemy of almost every country on Earth with its Jihadist-exporting madrassas. The Chinese must have pointed out this inconvenient fact to them. They got in line pretty quick. What's the worst that can happen? A few dead Pakis.

A Pandemic

Glenn Reynolds on the coronavirus:

Some possibilities: (1) The Chinese are lying (or self-deluded) and it’s more lethal than their numbers show. Very bad. (2) Their numbers are roughly accurate, and it’s about as lethal as it looks. Bad, but not Very Bad. (3) The numbers are roughly accurate, but it’s more lethal in Chinese with lungs weakened by pollution and chain-smoking than it is in most other people. Probably the best case. At present, we don’t really know enough to choose. At the moment, (3) sounds pretty plausible to me, in which case we’ve got a very contagious but not very deadly disease. But (1) remains entirely possible.

Likely, a combination of (1) and (3). The Chinese are lying and the virus is highly contagious but extra lethal only for Asians. The coronavirus is super racist!

Chink in the armor

One would think that a journalist would be aware of how easy it is to get canceled.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. You can only make fun of White people, dude. Preferably, straight, Christian, White men.

Though, the joke was pretty funny. Nothing will come close to this instant classic:

Crazy freak

Sadiq Khan's London

"A crazy man" was shot and killed in London:

Armed police have shot dead a suspected terrorist feared to be wearing a suicide vest after at least two people were stabbed during a machete rampage on a busy south London high street - three months after two were killed in London Bridge horror.

Strange that zero identification is provided about the guilty party. We get this amusing bit in the middle of the article:

'I heard two people got stabbed and apparently one man was shouting Allahu Akbar but people thought he was just a crazy man, so he got away. Apparently he had two rucksacks.'

The UK legal system is a cruel joke:

The man shot dead by police after he stabbed two people in London on Sunday left prison only days ago and had previously been noted by police as having a “fascination with dying in the name of terrorism”, it has emerged. [...]

Jailed aged 18 in December 2018, Amman had been released after serving part of his three year and four month sentence, but was deemed sufficiently high risk that he was under special monitoring by police.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these people. What's the point of releasing a criminal early, only to then have him be followed by armed officers?

Slowly waking up

Some people learn things the hard way:

A German gay man has explained why he turned to the far-right political party, Alternative for Germany (AfD), after he was brutally attacked by 'Muslim extremists'.

Karsten, 55, from Bremen, met former shadow secretary Ed Balls for his new documentary series, 'Travels in Euroland' which airs on BBC2 tonight at 9pm, and explained that despite the populist party's anti-same-sex marriage policies, he chose to vote for them in 2017.

The taxi driver had always voted for the country's left wing green political party, Alliance 90/The Greens, however was swayed after he and his partner Sven were brutally attacked, leaving Karsten with six plates and 17 screws in his head.

It's tough to celebrate diversity when you realize that diversity is death.

Just savage

“When I am president,” Warren told the press, “I immediately will initiate Order 66 and send an elite task force to hunt down and end all disinformation.” Many confused Boomers are expected to end up in prison from this, but Warren explained that the main targets will be the writers of The Babylon Bee, who are to be hunted down and tried for high to medium treason.

Warren will feel the Bern before she even gets the chance to face Trump.