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Just a tiny minority of 3,000 "extremist" suspects.

Britain's most senior counter-terrorism officer today said it is not possible to watch every extremist on UK streets because there are too many - as he backed plans to keep terrorists locked up for longer. [...]

He told the Evening Standard that he hoped bystanders would raise the alarm about suspicious conduct and remain vigilant at all times - adding that the threat of terrorism in the UK is 'not diminishing' following a third attack in three months.

Here's a stunning fact regarding Sudesh Amman:

A team of about 20 officers had been following him round the clock since his release from Belmarsh Prison a week earlier.

Later in the article, we get this lovely news:

There are 224 terrorists in prison in Britain, with most thought to be holding Islamist extremist views, according to the latest published figures to the end of September. As many as 50 terrorists could be freed from jail this year, figures suggest.

What could possibly go wrong?


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