Islam is so right about women
Mainstream media not interested

Life is so short

Human rights don't exist in an Islamic society. Animals have it even worse:

Unknown gunmen shot ‘Asoman’ to death on Friday evening while she was hiking with Sahba Barakzai and her family in Dasht-e-Hawz mountains, an area 20 KM north of Herat city.

‘Asoman’ was the name of a 7-month old female Husky dog owned by Sahba Barakzai a female athlete and owner of a Karate club for girls in Herat city.

Sahba Barakzai truly loved her dog:

“I was googling the internet to understand the life of dogs, I was always thinking that 14 years for a dog life is so short and I did not know that I will lose mine only when she is 7 months old”, she said mourning.


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