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Islam is so right about women

Justice in Islam

A Hindu girl in Pakistan was kidnapped and forced to reject her faith. If that wasn't enough, she was married off to a Muslim twice her age.

On January 16, 2020, Mehak Kumari went missing from her house in Jacobabad, in Pakistan’s Sindh province. Her family says one Ali Raza Solangi kidnapped and converted her to Islam at the Dargah Amroot Sharif in Shikarpur and then married her. Mehak, also known as Nanki Kumari, is 15. Ali Raza, 28, they allege.

That was last month. Now, Islamic clerics in Pakistan are calling for her death:

Radical Islamists and clerics in Pakistan are up in arms against Hindu girl Mehak Kumari for retracting her previous statement in the court where she said that she had accepted Islam of her own free will.

The girl now says that she was forced to accept Islam causing a widespread furore among the Islamic fanatics who now are demanding death penalty for the minor girl for insulting Islam.


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