The Craven Mullahs
Chernobyl in Canada?

The Z-baby cries

Vox Day:

The Z-man is not entirely devoid of ideas, and I have occasionally linked to his more insightful posts, but the following comment should suffice to demonstrate why he's simply not someone that anyone can take seriously as an intellectual or even a commentator.

The Z-baby is a bizarre, little doofus. He is making utterly false statements. Vox continues:

Nevertheless, don't correct him. Don't set the record straight. Don't provide him with any proof of what actually happened at all - and I know that literally hundreds of you have it in your possession.

In a follow up post:

Uncle John's Band put it rather well on SocialGalactic: The success of UA has been the snake revealer. The sort of scum who would rather cry in their permitted corners of the status quo than see the change they pretend to want.

Yup. So many on the Right love to cry like little bitches in their safe spaces. How do they react when Men of Action come along to fight the relevant battles? Forget helping or getting out of the way. They cowardly snipe at those Men! Is it really that hard to give credit to the fighters who are smarter, more competent, and successful?


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