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Financial Post: 'A terrible experience': The CRA asked Canadians to assess its customer service — and they didn't hold back.

One respondent pointed out a glaring inconsistency in response times between how fast taxpayers are required to respond to a request for information from the CRA, compared to how long it takes for the CRA to get back to the taxpayer once the information has been provided. As one respondent wrote, “Over six months since information provid(ed) and still CRA has not got around to looking at it.”

Once the dreaded letter is received, one basically has a month to provide the requested documentation for the approval of the Canada Revenue Agency. The CRA, however, can take its sweet time to reply as was the case here: When the CRA calls: Jamie Golombek on his 10-month, transit pass reassessment saga.

The public transit amount the CRA was reviewing was $747. Note that this was not the amount of tax under review as the transit “amount” was eligible for a non-refundable federal tax credit at 15 per cent, meaning the CRA was asking for proof to substantiate a $112.05 federal tax reduction I claimed on my 2016 tax return.

Yup. It took almost a year for the CRA to admit that the absolutely enormous tax reduction of $112.05 was legitimate.


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