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Chernobyl in Canada?

I got the message and thought, "Oh, shit!"

An emergency alert warning of an unspecified "incident" at a Toronto-area nuclear power plant Sunday morning was sent by mistake.

Phones in Ontario received emergency notifications alerting them to the supposed incident at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station in Pickering, Ont. shortly before 7:30 a.m. Sunday.

It took them over an hour to send another text to state that the previous message was false. The following brief video shows the party responsible for this colossal mistake.

The Z-baby cries

Vox Day:

The Z-man is not entirely devoid of ideas, and I have occasionally linked to his more insightful posts, but the following comment should suffice to demonstrate why he's simply not someone that anyone can take seriously as an intellectual or even a commentator.

The Z-baby is a bizarre, little doofus. He is making utterly false statements. Vox continues:

Nevertheless, don't correct him. Don't set the record straight. Don't provide him with any proof of what actually happened at all - and I know that literally hundreds of you have it in your possession.

In a follow up post:

Uncle John's Band put it rather well on SocialGalactic: The success of UA has been the snake revealer. The sort of scum who would rather cry in their permitted corners of the status quo than see the change they pretend to want.

Yup. So many on the Right love to cry like little bitches in their safe spaces. How do they react when Men of Action come along to fight the relevant battles? Forget helping or getting out of the way. They cowardly snipe at those Men! Is it really that hard to give credit to the fighters who are smarter, more competent, and successful?

The Craven Mullahs

The malicious Mullahs are really scared:

Iranians will chant “Death to America” as long as Washington continues its hostile policies, but the slogan is directed at President Donald Trump and U.S. leaders, not the American nation, Iran’s supreme leader said on Friday.

Stephen Green has a simple question about that:


Woke since 1979!

That famous respect for women in Islam

Persian pussies

A military reader of Vox Day shared his take on the missile barrage by Iran.

The Iranian foreign minister tweets:

"Iran took & concluded proportionate measures in self-defense under Article 51 of UN Charter targeting base from which cowardly armed attack against our citizens & senior officials were launched," Zarif tweeted. "We do not seek escalation or war, but will defend ourselves against any aggression."

The Iranians basically broke some furniture in retaliation for the killing of their general and then said, "Please, don't hit us back." This totally jives with what Vox Day has said. Though, I'm surprised that Iran would be so explicit about it.

The Halaal-Woke Axis

The gold-plated shithole knows how to be subversive:

AJ+ specializes in racially divisive videos intended to foster outrage among liberal Blacks, with titles like “How Trump Plans To Keep America White,” and “Trump’s Racism,” which gets points for brevity, if not accuracy. A video titled “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome” appeared on the Instagram account of an extremely popular Black celebrity with over 3 million followers.

[...] AJ+ doesn’t limit itself to race-baiting; there isn’t a far-left talking point that AJ+ hasn’t created videos to promote. Climate Change? They’ve got you covered! Radical transgender ideology? Check. Abortion? They’ve got a trans man’s take on it! The so-called “epidemic” of police violence against unarmed African-Americans? No problem! Reparations for slavery? Sure!

Perhaps, Qatar can look into ending slavery in their country before they start talking about its horrible legacy in the US.

“There are more than 4,000 people who died as a result of being forced to work for a long time in temperatures of 51 to 56 degrees Celcius, which is almost impossible for human beings to work in. This is a violation of human rights. It’s a violation of employees rights,” said Amjad Taha, who authored the book The Deception of the Arab Spring. He is one of several Arab journalists who were targeted and hacked as part of an extensive operation allegedly carried out by Qatar, and he has consistently spoken out against the Gulf nation’s human rights violations.

Taha said some of those workers are from North Korea. “The Qataris bring workers from North Korea; with the cooperation of the North Korean regime, they work there for free, and their salary is being given to the North Korean regime, not to the workers. They pay the North Korean regime their salary. So, the worker doesn’t even receive a salary; he just works, get a little bit of food and that’s about it.”

A decade for batsmen

Virat Kohli, the Indian run-scoring machine, is the cricketer of the decade.

[...] averaging over 50 in Test cricket, and in all, comfortably finished as the decade's leading international run-getter. True to form (and statistics), he was a near-unanimous pick by our staffers for ESPNcricinfo's men's cricketer of the 2010s, with Smith a not-so-close second. de Villiers finished in third position.

Exactly zero bowlers were contenders for the top three spots. It says a lot about the lack of venom in that department over the past ten years.

The Wrath of Janes

New research in Social Psychological and Personality Science provides evidence that women strategically dampen signals of sexual permissiveness and desirability to avoid provoking intersexual aggression. In other words, the study suggests that women “dress defensively” by wearing less revealing outfits when encountering other women.

Shouldn't that be intrasexual? Anyway, almost everyone has been in the following situation at a social gathering where an attractive woman with tight clothing walks by.

What do the guys think? Nice.

Whereas the plain women hiss: Slut.

Not dead yet

Can a Better DSLR Exist?

Here’s something I’ve been hearing more and more: DSLRs are dead. There’s nothing Canon or Nikon can do to make a better model that will sell.


Here's one of the most useful upgrade possibilities:

Some think the solution is dual slots or dedicated internal SSD. I don’t. I think the solution most of us would prefer is actually quite simple: connected direct storage. [...] And if you don't want cabled storage, why not internal storage? Just stick 1TB of NAND into the camera and make that the primary storage. Any single card slot then becomes an Overflow/Backup/Copy solution, solving another photographer problem.

The US Amazon website is selling a 1TB SSD from Samsung for under $100. Camera makers can offer a DSLR with that core storage option for a $200 premium and it would definitely sell. Yet, after nearly a decade of SSDs, this option doesn't exist. The storage is tiny, cheap, and lightning fast. So, what's the issue?

Terrible stress

Financial Post: 'A terrible experience': The CRA asked Canadians to assess its customer service — and they didn't hold back.

One respondent pointed out a glaring inconsistency in response times between how fast taxpayers are required to respond to a request for information from the CRA, compared to how long it takes for the CRA to get back to the taxpayer once the information has been provided. As one respondent wrote, “Over six months since information provid(ed) and still CRA has not got around to looking at it.”

Once the dreaded letter is received, one basically has a month to provide the requested documentation for the approval of the Canada Revenue Agency. The CRA, however, can take its sweet time to reply as was the case here: When the CRA calls: Jamie Golombek on his 10-month, transit pass reassessment saga.

The public transit amount the CRA was reviewing was $747. Note that this was not the amount of tax under review as the transit “amount” was eligible for a non-refundable federal tax credit at 15 per cent, meaning the CRA was asking for proof to substantiate a $112.05 federal tax reduction I claimed on my 2016 tax return.

Yup. It took almost a year for the CRA to admit that the absolutely enormous tax reduction of $112.05 was legitimate.

Diversity = Fuck you, White people

I can't wait for Apple and the Mayor of London to join forces to promote workshops exclusively for White women.

Just the beginning

Forget guns, Toronto will likely have to start keeping tabs on grenades like Sweden:

The national bomb squad was called out to investigate the object, which turned out to be a hand grenade. The first report of the object was made around 10.30am. "It was a teacher at the school who raised the alarm. The employee then showed [us] where the object was and we cordoned off a large area," said police press spokesperson Per Fahlström.

A tale of a tail

An Air Canada Boeing 777 clipped its smaller fleet-mate, an Airbus A321, as it was moving on the apron at the airport. The larger plane’s wingtip struck the tail fin of the Airbus, causing it to spin right around on the spot.

Strange. There is zero mention of the person who was towing the bigger plane. Probably, a diverse woman.