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Can a Better DSLR Exist?

Here’s something I’ve been hearing more and more: DSLRs are dead. There’s nothing Canon or Nikon can do to make a better model that will sell.


Here's one of the most useful upgrade possibilities:

Some think the solution is dual slots or dedicated internal SSD. I don’t. I think the solution most of us would prefer is actually quite simple: connected direct storage. [...] And if you don't want cabled storage, why not internal storage? Just stick 1TB of NAND into the camera and make that the primary storage. Any single card slot then becomes an Overflow/Backup/Copy solution, solving another photographer problem.

The US Amazon website is selling a 1TB SSD from Samsung for under $100. Camera makers can offer a DSLR with that core storage option for a $200 premium and it would definitely sell. Yet, after nearly a decade of SSDs, this option doesn't exist. The storage is tiny, cheap, and lightning fast. So, what's the issue?


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