The Halaal Defense
Mumbai Massacre

Halaal Lies

Sheikh Salem Salameh, member of Hamas Legislative Council and Deputy Head of the Palestine Islamic Scholars Association, said in a December 26, 2019 interview on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) that it is inconceivable to Muslims that there are other Muslims who recognize and normalize relations with Israel.

Many Muslims have legitimate reasons to loathe modern-day America. For instance, the continued wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria have destroyed the lives, families, and homes of millions of people. Their abhorrence can't be faulted. However, it's wicked to manufacture false causes for increasing hatred against the United States. For example:

"We warn the Muslims of what U.S. President Washington himself warned. [Washington] killed the Indians and the Muslims, because the Indians and the owners of that land were Muslims. It has been proven that they were Muslims, and that they had mosques. This is why they killed them.

Can't wait to hear the next interiew in which it's revealed that the US killed millions in the Vietnam War because ... they were Muslims!


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