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The Thin Veneer of Civilization

Nope. The Internet allows us to more clearly see the ugliness of greed and envy. Too many people will never get close to becoming rich but they'll take great pleasure in burning the wealthy. Human nature is what it is. The smart thing to do is to protect yourself against the savagery as best as you can.

The Curse of the Kiwis

Seven runs needed off six balls. Seven wickets in hand. Ross Taylor, who has played more T20 matches than the rest of his side combined, on strike. Surely, New Zealand couldn't lose from that kind of position again, right?

Wrong. New Zealand had a complete meltdown in the last over of the innings again! Then, of course, as is tradition, they lost in the Super Over.

The Aussies, usually, crush their opponents when the pressure spikes and the game goes into the last over. The Kiwis, however, are the opposite. They keep managing draws and then losing in the tie-breaker. It certainly makes for spectacular and thrilling matches but it really sucks for the Kiwis.

Intellectual Yet Idiot

Five people might die in car accidents today across Canada. A month later that number won't vary a lot. A contagious virus that kills five people today can kill millions a month later. It's sad that this simple, basic, and serious concept is beyond these "intellectuals".

The Socialist Mind

The rich vs. poor rhetoric is alive and well. All for the impossible quest of equality. One can't make the poor into life-long millionaires. The only way to achieve "equality" is to destroy the rich. Equal misery for everyone! Of course, the people who make these decisions enjoy their power and luxuries.

"No one ever makes a billion dollars. You take a billion dollars," Ocasio-Cortez said, receiving applause. "I'm not here to villainize and to say billionaires are inherently morally corrupt. ... It's to say that this system that we live in, life in capitalism always ends in billionaires."

Ocasio-Cortez said billionaires make their money "off the backs" of "undocumented people," "black and brown people being paid under a living wage" and "single mothers."

She addressed a hypothetical "widget" billionaire in her remarks.

"You didn't make those widgets, did you? Because you employed thousands of people and paid them less than a living wage to make those widgets for you," Ocasio-Cortez said. "You didn't make those widgets. You sat on a couch while thousands of people were paid modern-day slave wages, and in some cases real modern-day slavery."

It's always amusing when Leftists bash the rich and wealthy. Here, Cortez accuses billionaires of paying "slave wages" and slavery. Yet, she can't name one person. 

Bill Gates? Michael Dell? Michael Bloomberg? Elon Musk? Steven Spielberg? Who are these evil, corrupt billionaires? Should they not be in jail for their heinous crimes? Why doesn't the righteous and morally pure Cortez use her political power to identify the barbarous billionaires and then put them behind bars?

They have to go back

I totally agree with these Africans. Ireland is racist. This is why all the Africans in Ireland should be deported back to Africa. This way they'll be safe from the super racist, no-good, very-bad White people of Ireland.

No info for you!

Sounds like ... diversity.

Dunce likes his jet

Prince Charles was last night facing embarrassment after taking a series of private jet flights while lecturing world leaders about climate change. [...]

After his speech last Wednesday, during which he urged world leaders to take ‘bold and imaginative action’ on the environment, he took a fourth jet to Israel for an official trip. [...]

Taking into account an additional five so-called ‘empty-leg’ flights required to collect the Prince, his jet and helicopter travel totalled more than 16,000 miles in less than a fortnight at an estimated cost to the taxpayer of £280,000.

Dunce Charles managed more air travel in 11 days than what an average person in his country does in 11 years.

According to the Paramount Business Jet calculator, which lets passengers work out their carbon emissions, the air travel will have emitted more than 162 metric tons of carbon – 18 times an average Briton’s annual total.

Jesters in the court

Their ancestors fought for 800 years to kick out the muzzies. Today, Spain is bending backwards to accommodate the old enemy:

The Spanish supreme court has granted two women, the widows of a Moroccan polygamist, the rights to widows’ pensions in a landmark ruling, claiming that polygamy does not prevent pension allocation despite it being illegal.

The "punishment" for the wives is that they'll have to share the pension. What exactly is the point of a law which declares an action illegal while having zero consequences for the guilty criminals?

Super slut in Phuket

A Muslim girl apologizes for showing a part of her body on the beach. The whole thing is so alien to the Western mind. It's amusing to read the whole thing to figure out exactly which deeply offensive body part was uncovered.

I read the tweet and before I could link it, she made her account private! After a few minutes, I found an article which provides us with the relevant text:

Super slut

Yup. She showed the world her hair! On a beach! Definition of a whore!

A halaal pig

A Muslim woman describes her experience with a Muslim cabbie in Britain:

Read the whole thing and then you'll have a slightly better understanding of the mindset of the child rape gangs roaming that land.

The Wonders of Socialism

Speaking at The Independent Woodstock Literary Festival, Frank Dikötter, a Hong Kong-based historian, said he found that during the time that Mao was enforcing the Great Leap Forward in 1958, in an effort to catch up with the economy of the Western world, he was responsible for overseeing "one of the worst catastrophes the world has ever known".

Mr Dikötter, who has been studying Chinese rural history from 1958 to 1962, when the nation was facing a famine, compared the systematic torture, brutality, starvation and killing of Chinese peasants to the Second World War in its magnitude. At least 45 million people were worked, starved or beaten to death in China over these four years; the worldwide death toll of the Second World War was 55 million.

The Communist Chinese slaughtered 31,000 people per day during peacetime compared to a daily average of 25,000 dead during the six years of the most lethal war in history.

Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Russia, and Mao's China were The Big Three Calamities of the 20th century. They were all socialists or, if you prefer, communists. The semantics don't matter to the tens of millions who were murdered.

Another poor, oppressed Muslim

Independent journalist Joakim Lamotte has claimed that women working at Stockholm’s Kista Galleria shopping centre are quitting their jobs due to harassment from foreign men who refuse to be served by women. [...]

Lamotte published an audio clip of one of the women who alleged that a man with a full beard and white cap would not speak to any female staff. When the man was told he can go to another shop if he does not want to be served by a woman, the man allegedly threatened to call the police.

Muslims using young White girls as their sex slaves ... TOTALLY HALAAL!

Muslims talking to a White girl for a few seconds ... TOTALLY HARAAM!

Here's the audio of the guy who ought to be immediately deported.

No pool for you!

The biggest swimming pool in Russia’s Muslim-majority North Caucasus region has banned women, prompting anger from rights activists and others who have accused the sports complex of discrimination. [...]

The swimming pool said its decision to deny entry to women, who were previously only admitted on Fridays for women-only sessions, was financially motivated. “Unfortunately, there were hardly any visitors during women’s days,” the RIA news agency cited the spa complex as saying on its Instagram page, which has now been set to private.

From only one day a week to a total ban for financial reasons? Hmm...

A Muslima just got a concrete lesson about her religion:

Fatima Abdulkhalimova, 31, said she could no longer use the pool despite working there as an instructor. “I do demonstrations, show people the correct technique, and now I’m not allowed to enter the water,” Abdulkhalimova, a former professional swimmer, said.

Those horrible White people!

Coming this May to New York City: The National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education, or NCORE, will feature a “pre-conference” session led by an educational consultant who believes being on time is a form of “white supremacy.” [...]

Hackman is a former professor of multicultural education at St. Cloud University who, at 2016’s “White Privilege Conference,” informed attendees that “the racial narrative of White” includes “making sure you’re not tardy.” Individualism, honesty, discipline, and rigor were other factors.

HR: Oh, Mr. Chan, you're fired!

Mr. Chan: What!? Why?

HR: You're always on time...[points finger at Mr. Chan and glares]...White supremacist!

But wait, there's more!

What's normal for the entire human race is now worthy of public condemnation?

Bonus: How to spot a Nazi in 2020?

Squeezing the "rich"

The top 10% of Canada’s earners make 34% of the country’s income, but are paying 54% of income taxes, says a new essay that questions the premise that the “rich” don’t pay enough tax.

“Despite common misperceptions and misleading rhetoric, our top 10 per cent of income-earners pay more than half of Canada’s income taxes — and this group includes people that few would consider wealthy,” said Philip Cross, a former chief economic analyst at Statistics Canada, in the essay released by the Fraser Institute.

[...] And here’s the kicker. Being in the top 10% of earners in Canada doesn’t mean you are wealthy. In fact, in 2017, any Canadian making $96,000 (or more) was in that group, Cross says.

Most of these evil rich people are your teachers, professors, doctors, and engineers -- and too many are hit by the top marginal income tax rate of 50%+! Yet, a large portion of Canadians think that the rich need to pay more.

Here's another shocking statistic:

The average Canadian household paid nearly $40,000 in taxes last year, more than the combined cost of clothing, food and shelter, according to a new report. The Fraser Institute’s annual Canadian Consumer Tax Index is meant to show how the tax bill has changed over time. Last year’s average tax burden of $39,299 is almost three times what Canadians paid in 1961, after adjusting for inflation – and has risen much faster than the cost of necessities, including housing, the institute said.

No wonder so many are drowning in debt. Clothing and food might be relatively cheap but the cost of shelter and taxes have skyrocketed. Guess what? The governments are largely to blame for the insane real estate bubble as well.

In my area, houses that sold for $250,000 twenty years ago are now being put on the market for close to a million dollars! Even those "rich" people are going to be slaves to their local bank if they want to buy those lavish closets.

The Chinese are hungry

I knew that they ate dogs and monkeys but this is crazy:

The Chinese food market at the centre of the deadly Sars-like virus outbreak has claimed they sold live koalas, snakes, rats and wolf pups to locals to eat.

The Huanan Seafood market in Wuhan in China is under investigation with officials believing the coronavirus originated from a wild animal that was sold at the venue.

So far the highly-contagious virus has killed 17 people and infected hundreds around Asia.

The scary part is the incubation period which is about two weeks! Tens of thousands of people could be infected. We won't know for sure till early February.

Doesn't fit the Narrative

Hoaxes by Muslims get tremendous attention in the Western media. To see real hate, just read about this murder of an innocent who refused to deny Christ:

A pastor who made headlines earlier this month for praising God in a ransom video has been executed by Boko Haram militants in Nigeria.

International human rights activists have condemned the killing of Rev. Lawan Andimi, the chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria’s chapter in the Michika Local Government Area of Adamawa State.

Of course, this horror won't be covered by the mainstream media. They don't have to blatantly lie to you to mislead you. They simply ignore the truth.

Don't be a turkey

Okay, this made me laugh:

The Greatest Stumbler

The Atlantic: Donald Trump Stumbles Into a Foreign-Policy Triumph.

At a briefing in London on Monday, I asked a panel of RUSI staffers whether, given that assessment, they considered the air strike a triumph for the president. No one on the panel demurred. Michael Stephens, a former British diplomat who is now a research fellow at RUSI, told me later that it was clear how badly the Iranians had been hurt, both in practical military terms and in pure national pride. “This has fundamentally changed the game and opens up the space for de-escalation,” he said. “It was a sucker punch which has scrambled their understanding of how the Americans might react in future. In the short term, it’s a triumph for Trump.”

Every option available to Iran now comes with huge risks, and the lack of serious response—so far—has damaged the Iranian regime’s reputation. The recent accidental downing of Ukrainian International Airlines Flight PS752 has also hit it hard, revealing a frightening incompetence as well as a limited retaliatory power.

Trump stumbled with getting the new NAFTA deal. He's also stumbling with the recent Chinese trade deal. He'll likely stumble in November by getting another four years in office. The guy is just the best at stumbling. BIGLY.

Payback for Mumbai

After the Mumbai Massacre, India bounce back to win two games in a relatively comfortable manner to win the series. The Indians didn't even get one wicket in the first match. Yet, today, their bowling was so good that none of the Aussies could manage a strike rate in the triple digits.

Poor Smith. He must be thinking, "What more could I have done?" Australia definitely missed the firepower of Maxwell today.

Anyway, I was hoping for, at least, one hard fought thriller. Maybe, next time.

Canada. January. Life.

A snow storm rolled by yesterday in my area but it was nothing compared to the epic blizzard that smashed Newfoundland as you can see above. The only way it could get worse is that the snow doesn't have time to melt and then ... another storm hits! That's when the best way to exit the house is to simply walk out of the second floor bedroom window.

Records were broken:

St. John's and other communities in Newfoundland remain under a state of emergency after a historic snowstorm dumped closer to a metre of snow on parts of the province. St. John's recorded 76.2 cm of snow with the storm, crushing the single-day record for snowfall in the capital.

You can see more crazy photos here.

Oy vey!


I'm sensing a pattern here ...

Another sign of the decline

I thought that it didn't look too bad--and that's when my late-night brain registered that there are twenty pods in that one room. Each jail bed tiny pod starts at the low price of $1,000 per month. What a dark and depressing way to live.

Chris Elsey of Manhattan, Kansas-based Elsey Partners is planning to erect two apartment buildings on the site of current parking lots at 1500 15th St. and 401 S. Van Ness Ave. in the city’s trendy Mission District. Each would include 88 windowless “sleeping pods” located underground.

Residents could expect to pay between $1,000 and $1,375 a month for the privilege of bunking down in one of the pods, which measure just 50 square feet each.

Sublime. Stunning. Stokes.

What I wrote on August 25, 2019:

2019 will be remembered as the Year of Benjamin Andrew Stokes. England won the World Cup last month thanks to the magnificent performance of Ben Stokes. Today, England made their highest fourth-innings run chase in history to win thanks to Ben Stokes.

The entire England cricket team was out for 67 runs in the first innings. Stokes hit 135 runs in the fourth. The talent and audacity of this man was absolutely jaw-dropping as he smashed 19 runs off Hazlewood's last over. Who the hell hits 8 sixes in the fourth innings of a Test match!?!

Well, that was an easy call:

England allrounder Ben Stokes has won the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy for the ICC player of the year after playing starring roles in the side's maiden 50-over World Cup triumph and one-wicket win in the Leeds Test during the Ashes in 2019.

Vagina Power!

Halaal Lies

Sheikh Salem Salameh, member of Hamas Legislative Council and Deputy Head of the Palestine Islamic Scholars Association, said in a December 26, 2019 interview on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) that it is inconceivable to Muslims that there are other Muslims who recognize and normalize relations with Israel.

Many Muslims have legitimate reasons to loathe modern-day America. For instance, the continued wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria have destroyed the lives, families, and homes of millions of people. Their abhorrence can't be faulted. However, it's wicked to manufacture false causes for increasing hatred against the United States. For example:

"We warn the Muslims of what U.S. President Washington himself warned. [Washington] killed the Indians and the Muslims, because the Indians and the owners of that land were Muslims. It has been proven that they were Muslims, and that they had mosques. This is why they killed them.

Can't wait to hear the next interiew in which it's revealed that the US killed millions in the Vietnam War because ... they were Muslims!

The Halaal Defense

Reeaz Khan raped and murdered a 92-years-old woman in New York:

Khan told detectives, “He fell down, his belt broke, his pants fell down and his penis fell near her vagina,” the prosecutor, Joseph Grasso, said in court.

Muslims have a serious quality control issue with their belts.

At that point, something came over him, Khan claimed. “Defendant then stated that he did lift up her skirt and he tried to put his penis inside of her,” the prosecutor added.

Horrible belt.