Those horrible White suprema-, er, wait
Those evil Jew ... lovers?

There is no unity

A woman in Pakistan goes too far!

While speaking at an International Human Rights Day event in Attock, Nekokara had called for granting equal rights to all minorities regardless of religious divisions. “We should give due rights to non-Muslims Pakistanis, we should give them their due regard, we have unfortunately gotten stuck in these religious divisions, someone identifies as Shia, someone as Sunni, someone as an Ahmadi, someone as a Wahabi, we should dissolve these differences and instead identify ourselves only as Muslims and Pakistanis,” she said.

Soon afterward, over a dozen protesters, most of them students, arrived at the district administration building demanding an explanation from the Attock AC over grouping Ahmadis with other Muslims in her speech.

She clarifies her comments here:

That was some serious back-pedal. The only thing missing was a token Ahmadi hanging from a lamp post behind her.



She looked scared and the way she was mentioning that she has named her son Mohd it was clear that she was trying to extend the lease of her life.

Isaac Schrödinger

Oh, she's definitely scared. She'll have to eternally repeat that Ahmadis are kafir scum! to atone for that one inelegant comment about "unity."

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