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Banksters and Barbaria

The Terrorist Next Door

Just a small price to pay for that SUPER AWESOME diversity:

Dangerous Nazam Hussain was one of three jihadists - including London Bridge killer Usman Khan - convicted of a 2010 plot to blow up the London Stock Exchange. Last weekend counter-terrorist officers swooped on Hussain’s home just hours after Khan stabbed two Cambridge University graduates to death during his deadly rampage in the capital.

That was the first neighbours knew the 34-year-old had been living in Lindley Street, Stoke-on-Trent, for the past two months. [...]

But people living in the two rows of terraced houses are angry that although they have the legal right to know if he was a convicted paedophile they had no right to know about his terrorist past.

Soon, the people of England won't even have the right to know about pedophiles who live among them. That's the current trajectory.

Tom Carter, 27, said: “My next-door neighbour saw him when he moved in with a clear bag and police officers, but nobody informed us that he was a terrorist. “It’s wrong, you don’t expect to have a terrorist living two doors down. I don’t think terrorists should be released at all. If we’d been informed that he was a terrorist he wouldn’t have been living here.

That would have really hurt his feelings! And we can't have that.


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