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Won't you feel sorry for these poor Muslims?

It didn't take long for the assholes at Pensacola News Journal to portray Muslims as the victims in the aftermath of a terrorist attack:

While the FBI is working to investigate the motive behind the shooting at NAS Pensacola that left three people dead and eight injured, Pensacola-area Muslims are worried about a potential backlash against their community.

The shooter was a member of the Saudi Arabian air force who was training on base before he was killed by police.

They have to go back.

Dripping blood

A brutal knife fight at a convention centre that left several people with stab wounds started over a dispute about concert tickets. Six people were rushed to hospital after a fight broke out at the La Mirage Reception and Convention Centre in Melbourne in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Those Aussies can be so crazy, er, wait:

The group had been attending Lebanese pop star Fares Karam's concert at the venue, but had been kicked out earlier that night. Chaos erupted after two men returned to the venue and confronted staff about not having drinks included in their $250 concert tickets, 7 News reported.

Oh, never mind, nothing to see here.

An Absolute Jewel

During a recent interview with Out And Proud Magazine, Rise of Skywalker director J.J. Abrams hinted that the hotly-anticipated 9th installment of the Star Wars saga would include more clear LGBTQ representation, in the form of a lesbian AT-AT. [...]

Abrams further explained that the AT-AT’s character would be illuminated through conversations with Rey, who speaks fluent Imperial Walker. Because of course, she does.

Of course! The photo in the article is absolute gold.

Chains. Misery. Islam.

The bad luck of being born in an Islamic country:

A Senegalese head teacher who chained up misbehaving children at a Koran school has walked free from court after a scandal that has divided the West African country.

Cheikhouna Gueye was arrested last month after several children were discovered with chains around their feet in a Koranic school in the northern town of Ndiagne, Senegal.

The mainstream media reports more about anti-Muslim hoaxes in the West than they do about real atrocities like the above.

The Power of Meat

She feels and looks better after a month of eating healthy meat. Here are a few choice words from the hilarious comments section: sad, sell out, hypocritical, disturbing, mental help, dishonest, extreme, joke, pain, horror, nightmare, confused, disgusting, sickening, yikes, toxic, gross,...

I just had a steak. It was delicious.

Prime Minister Zoolander

Also, thanks to the top marginal income tax rate of 55% in the biggest province, the smart Canadians are working in the United States.

Smaller tax base + Barbarian invasion = Interesting times!

The cursed land of the pure

The Americans were utter fools to hand over tens of billions of dollars to the Pakistanis after 9/11. Similarly, the Pakistanis were short-sighted to take advantage of the US. Now, with pissed off America and even more pissed off India, they can't afford to lose the favor of the Chinese. So, of course, they'll ignore slavery.

Pakistan has declined to pursue a sprawling case against Chinese sex traffickers due to fears it would harm economic ties with Beijing, the AP reported on Wednesday. Pakistan has been seeking closer ties with China for years as Beijing continue to make major investments in the country’s infrastructure.

Pakistani investigators have compiled a list of 629 girls and women who were brought to China to be sold as brides. Traffickers often target members of Pakistan’s Christian minority, one of the poorest communities in the Muslim-majority country, and some even bribe ministers to advise churchgoers to sell their daughters.

Buying and selling of non-Muslims is perfectly legal in Islam. This has been occurring for over a thousand years. So, that's even more justification for the Pakis to sweep this whole sordid thing under the rug.

Can you feel the compassion?

Yup. If you're a [insert your modern "sin"]-ist, then no health care for you!

Eventually, as the debt skyrockets and the money runs out, there won't be much of health care or social security for anyone. But before that, the "wrong" people -- those who oppose the government -- will suffer.

A modern solution

So simple and clever:

Monkeys in India apparently can’t tell a tiger from a dog made to look like a tiger -- or at least that is what one farmer claims.

The farmer, identified as Srikanth Gowda, said he has been able to protect his coffee crop from monkeys by painting his pet dog Bulbul with black stripes, an Indian news outlet reports.

A dog named bulbul dressed as a ferocious cat. Gold!

Bulbul is the Hindi word for nightingale.

Life in Pakistan

A cruel and brutal culture:

Dadu police initiated on Saturday an investigation into an incident of alleged honour killing that took place in a remote village of Wahi Pandi taluka, after rumours surfaced that a minor girl was stoned to death in the area.

The parents are trying to protect the monsters.

Sharing the parents’ statement, DSP Chandio said G’s father, Ali Bux Rind claims that the girl died after a part of the roof of their house fell on her head. Wahi Pandhi Police Station SHO Ameer Brohi, who visited the place of the incident for collecting evidence, on the other hand, said, “Her parents claim that she was playing with other children when heavy rocks fell on her and caused her death.”

Oceans of blood

This is what happens with linear thinking: The Germans are cowards and soft! They'll remain so even after millions of assholes like me spit in their faces, make videos, and laugh! A few minutes of reading the history of the last hundreds years should be enough to conclude that the Germans are not famous for being tolerant of pesky minorities.

That perfect texture

Merely walking in that kind of weather can be dangerous. Nearly 21 years ago, I was walking to my dormitory in Vermont with a few guys when my left foot slipped backwards and my knee crashed to the ground. The sheer speed of it was stunning. Forget reacting to it, there wasn't even any time to process it. I just froze for a few seconds and then slowly got up. No damage. One has to be extra cautious with that unpredictable mixture of snow and ice.

Those tolerant Persians

There is a reason why we have different nations.

Arman Rezazadeh, who is of Iranian descent, used a sledgehammer to smash windows and doors in Perry Barr, Aston and Erdington on 21 March. The 34-year-old admitted religiously aggravated criminal damage.

Judge Michael Chambers QC said Rezazadeh had been "motivated by religious hatred" and all the mosques he attacked were used by Sunni Muslims.

The state of Britain today: A Muslim attacks five mosques. Soon, we'll have corpses. For all the venom these Muslim assholes spew against white people and infidels, the reality is the opposite: the biggest killers of Muslims around the world are other Muslims. The West is going to see more of this Sunni vs. Shia bloodshed as their numbers skyrocket.

Also, the retarded Ahmadis who are on the side of more Muslim immigration will get special attention from their newly imported "brothers".