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There Will Be War

Norway is arresting and deporting an American for what he might have said:

Norwegian authorities over the weekend arrested Greg Johnson, the American editor-in-chief of white nationalist outlet Counter-Currents Publishing, hours before he was set to deliver remarks at a far-right conference.

Vox Day:

It's almost cute that the Norwegian government imagines threatening people with jail if they speak openly about the obvious is going to do anything but accelerate the conflict that their past policies have guaranteed. Especially if the penalties for speech are nearly as grave as the penalties for action. What do they imagine is going to happen, everyone is just going to shrug and decide that they're happy with a situation that literally no human society has ever endured for long?

As the late, great Jerry Pournelle wrote, there will be war.

Yes. The political elite will face the wrath for their treachery.


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