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David Warner 335*

It's hard to believe that Warner scored a combined 95 runs in ten innings against England just a few months ago. He averaged 9.5, then. Now, in just two innings, he has scored 489 runs! Average? 489.

It was a stunning display of power and concentration over two days.

In over a hundred years of cricket, only one Australian has ever scored more runs than what Warner unleashed against Pakistan. The only positive for Pakistan is that there are no further matches in this series. Their annihilation will be complete in a couple of days.


Tambi Dude

Real reason for Pakistan's decline is complete drought of fast bowlers. They are really struggling to get test class bowlers. Mohd Asif was the last one who looked good enuf for a 400 wkt career (shaun pollock predicted he will take 400 wkts).

Isaac Schrödinger

Yeah, read that a few days ago. When it comes to fast bowling, the top Pakistani wicket-taker in Tests since September 2010 is ... Wahab Riaz!

This sentence summed it up: "If Pakistan is a factory for pace bowling, a lot of the products of late have been defective."

They do well in Pakistan but fade away quickly at the global stage. As you said, they are not good enough for Tests.

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