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David Warner 335*

It's hard to believe that Warner scored a combined 95 runs in ten innings against England just a few months ago. He averaged 9.5, then. Now, in just two innings, he has scored 489 runs! Average? 489.

It was a stunning display of power and concentration over two days.

In over a hundred years of cricket, only one Australian has ever scored more runs than what Warner unleashed against Pakistan. The only positive for Pakistan is that there are no further matches in this series. Their annihilation will be complete in a couple of days.

Barbarians on buses

The elites are driven around in their Maybachs while the average person pays the price for their treachery.

Don't mention the race!

The Greater Shithole Area:

A third incident in which a bucket of feces was dumped on a person has been reported outside a building at the University of Toronto and police believe all three are linked. [..]

The suspect, described as a man in his 30s wearing a yellow construction hat, a blue shirt and gloves, fled eastbound on College. [..]

The suspect has been described as a man in his 20s with a medium build. He was wearing a black hat, blue top, light-coloured pants and black gloves.

It's funny that they have photos of the guy in the article but still refuse to mention his race while describing him. Of course, he's not white.

Anyway, Samuel "The Shitman" Opoku has been arrested:

Samuel Opoku, of Toronto, is charged with five counts each of assault with a weapon and mischief interfere with property.

Rejecting the gay

At least one Western nation is not suicidal:

Hungary has pulled out of the Eurovision song contest amid speculation the competition is “too gay” for the country’s far-right government.

Although no official reason has been given for the withdrawal, a source inside Hungary’s public broadcaster reportedly said they assumed hostility to the contest’s LGBT+ links were behind the decision.

One pro-government commentator described Eurovision as a “homosexual flotilla” and said the country’s mental health would be better if it did not join the competition.

Road to legal cannabis

The pieces are slowly moving towards full legalization:

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) announced on Tuesday that he will be working with lawmakers to advance legislation to decriminalize marijuana possession after the legislature failed to produce a passable bill to more broadly legalize cannabis.

By the end of 2020, cannabis will be legalized for recreational purposes in New Jersey, New York, and Florida. Given the fact that nearly 70% of the public in the US supports legalization, Trump won't stand in the way when the Senate passes a bill that's pro-cannabis like the SAFE Act or the more favorable STATES Act.

Intel crushed

It's stunning how well the third-generation Threadrippers perform in games given that the previous versions were downright mediocre. Finally, after two years, AMD has fully matured their Zen platform to the point where it's beating Intel in everything!

What's even more shocking is that AMD has saved their 64-core monster CPU for next year. So, more pain and humiliation for Intel is on the way.

Man the Harpoons!

Clown World: Embrace the FAT edition:

Making its international premiere in the Frontlight section, Danish doc “Fat Front” came to IDFA with a fair amount of buzz from its Scandinavian homeland, where it debuted in October. Directed by Louise Unmack Kjeldsen and Louise Detlefsen, the film follows four Nordic women—Helene, Marte, Pauline and Wilde—who are tired of kow-towing to society’s ideal of the body beautiful and have decided instead to embrace their curves.

I laughed at this:

Detlefsen added that the girls’ positivity was infectious. “We learned from the four main characters not to postpone our lives any more,” she recalls.

There won't be much of a life to postpone given their gravitational fields.

Are you not entertained?

Snowflakes come in all colors:

Miserable Women

Because they've been told that it's so icky and horrible to be dependent on one loving husband and that it's true independence to get volatile and pitiful paychecks from various cold, faceless, remorseless corporations.

Hatred of Debt

Too many people don't have the willpower and the discipline to save and invest. Mortgage payments act as forced savings for them. At least, they have something after decades of running in the rat race.

What Molyneux says is true. Though, it's amusing to see the reaction of normies upon finding someone who adamantly refuses to saddle himself with an epic house loan. Instead of being curious about other options, they react with shock, horror, and indignation. YOU RENT! OMG, YOU'RE WASTING MONEY! OWNING A HOUSE IS THE BEST THING EVER!

So much smoke

Dumb cunts Loyal voters.

Super Genius

Outstanding move:

The impeachment hearings have been thrown into chaos after President Trump announced that he supports impeachment, forcing Democrats to oppose their own impeachment inquiry.

"Impeachment? I'm for it. Great idea. Best idea, maybe ever," he said, adding that he's "getting kinda sick of all this winning anyway."

Luxury laptop?

Those crazy Germans:

Just like its parent company, Porsche Design specializes in the creation of devices that offer a unique set of features with an eye towards high-end styles. This month the company introduced its Ultra One laptop, which offers a 15.6-inch Full-HD touchscreen display in a chassis that is thinner than most 13-inch mobile PCs, and with a fanless cooling design, is also dead silent as well.

It starts at $10,000. Extra options bump up the price by 50%.

Sweden's century of explosions!

Life is tough. It's tougher when you're stupid.

When three explosions took place in one night across different parts of Stockholm last month, it came as a shock to residents. There had been blasts in other city suburbs, but never on their doorstep.

Damn those uncouth youths! Who knew they could travel!?

This category of crime was not even logged prior to 2017. Then, in 2018, there were 162 explosions and in the past two months alone the bomb squad have been called to almost 30.

"Bangers, improvised explosives and hand grenades" are behind most of the blasts, says Linda H Straaf, head of intelligence at Sweden's National Operations Department.

The immigrants are just doing the jobs that Swedes won't do.

No good deed ...

It's one of the most dumb, cruel, and vile things that immigrants have done in the West. They arrive in some of the richest, open, and generous societies that have ever existed and then continue to spew poison at their hosts. They enjoy the fruits of liberty while firing up their flamethrowers to burn it all down.

The least violent response from the West is to get them on a plane for their home country with a simple message: Please, do fuck off.

He went total Jussie

Those horrible Finns just weren't giving this guy enough HATE! So, he went out and manufactured a few events to fit the Narrative.

But wait! There's more!

Ok Boomer

I have had more than one Boomer tell me that renting is stupid because YOU ARE THROWING YOUR MONEY AWAY! Get a mortgage and buy a house! Yeah, about that:

The average millennial’s after-tax household income is $44,093 a year, yet the national average price for a bungalow is $521,250. Even if the buyer comes up with a 20 per cent downpayment of $104,500 — monthly mortgage payments of $2,205 on a 20-year fixed-rate mortgage at 2.49 per cent will eat up around half of their income. That doesn’t include property tax and other expenses.

A 1% property tax on that house will eat up $5,200. The mortgage plus property tax gives us a total of $31,660 a year. So, the basic Millennial will have to pay 72% of his after-tax income for the privilege of owning an average house in Canada today.

Cherry Man Bad

The SJWs got a famous Canadian scalp.

"You people … that come here, whatever it is, you love our way of life, you love our milk and honey, at least you can pay a couple bucks for a poppy or something like that," he said. "These guys paid for your way of life that you enjoy in Canada, these guys paid the biggest price."

That's what Don Cherry said about immigrants to Canada on Saturday. He was fired yesterday. Thankfully, he's not a mewling coward. He won't apologize.

Vox Day has literally written books on this topic:

No matter who you are, no matter what you do, no matter how famous you are, if you do not kneel before the Narrative, the SJWs will come for you.

Obey or else.

The state of modern Canada:

Don't call him a nigger

She allegedly called him a nigger while disputing her bill:

A 55-year-old woman remains hospitalized at Vanderbilt University Medical Center with nine fractures in her elbow, six broken ribs and a broken left leg after an assault in the parking lot of Popeye's Louisiana Chicken restaurant in Columbia, Tenn., that was captured in a now-viral video.

The Amazing Azam

157 not out is not too shabby.

Pakistan's sublimely talented Babar Azam belied an infamously poor 50s to 100s conversion rate by gliding to a masterful century against Australia A in a high quality tour contest under lights at Perth Stadium.

Let's see if Azam can manage a big century or two in the series. Ultimately, the core batting trio -- Azam, Azhar, and Shafiq -- will have to score big for Pakistan to beat Australia.

Poland stands up

An excellent defense of nationalism and the West:

Western Civilization = Greek Philosophy + Roman Law + Christianity + White People. The hatred of these four components is beaten into Muslims. Importing millions of them into a Western nation guarantees war.


A woman from Hull has accused a man of 'transphobic behaviour' which she says could scupper her chances of a modelling career.

Transgender woman Ria Cooper, 25, says she has contacted police after a series of messages were sent to her over Whatsapp by a photographer who promised to help promote her career.

What serious crime did he commit?

During the conversation, the man said the glamour industry was small and "everyone was family" after bluntly proclaiming he couldn't work with her because she "had a c***".

Literally Hitler!

Clueless boomers

Vox Day: OK Boomer.

As I wrote before:

I was chatting with an older gentleman last month who was very surprised to find out that I don't own any real estate. He said that owning a house is one of the best financial decisions he made. I asked him, "How much did you pay for your house?"


"Do you remember your annual income at that time?"

"Hmm, about $20,000."

"Did you have a mortgage?"

"No, I borrowed from family and paid them back in a few years."

So, at the time, the price of his house was 2.7 times his salary. Today, for a guy in the Greater Toronto Area, the average price of a house is over 20 times his salary! (Annual income = $40,000. Average selling price of a house = $807,000.)

Another anecdote: I knew a guy who worked as a part-time English tutor at a private school in my area. This was around 2006. He, and other tutors, made $15/hr. The minimum wage at the time was $8/hr. Note, that this job required a degree.

Fast forward to 2013. I found out that a woman who had just graduated from university with a degree in mathematics was working at this school as a part-time math tutor.

Her wage? $12/hr. Minimum hourly wage at the time was almost $11. Tuition, rent, housing prices, electricity, and other costs had significantly increased in those 7 years but the tutoring work was paying just $1 more than a job where one flips fries. She quit after one month.

Boomers really don't have a fucking clue how the economic and financial situation for the younger generations has severely deteriorated. Worse, they're responsible for it.