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Muhammad Haseeb, a university graduate in engineering, has been awarded over $120,000 by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario in a discrimination in employment application against Imperial Oil.

This is a horrible decision.

The case involved a hiring policy requiring applicants to prove they were eligible to work in Canada on a permanent basis. Haseeb would have been eligible for a work permit for a job at Imperial Oil but he was neither a Canadian citizen nor permanent resident. In his application, he stated — falsely — that he was in fact eligible to work on a permanent basis. This led to a job offer. But when Imperial Oil asked for proof of citizenship or permanent residency, he could not provide it. As a result, Imperial Oil rescinded the offer.

Apparently, that perfectly reasonable discrimination is now illegal.

The employer distinguished between candidates based on whether or not they were Canadian citizens. The tribunal ruled that this distinction was not a bona fide occupational requirement. Though it is legitimate not to hire someone because they lied, if the reason they lied was to avoid discriminatory treatment, the tribunal held, the lie is justified and the question illegal.

This means that anyone, anywhere in the world, can apply to a Canadian company for a job and LIE ON THEIR APPLICATION, get a job offer, reveal the lie, get rejected, and then sue the company for a human rights "violation".

This is big FUCK YOU to Generation Z in Canada. Their wages are stagnant and they're drowning in debt from universities and colleges. Yet, the government is punishing companies for discriminating against non-Canadians and non-citizens. All this will do is put more downward pressure on wages and salaries for young Canadians.


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