Fractured Canada
The US military in Clown World

The God-Emperor

So many liberals and talk show hosts salivated at the entertaining possibility of Trump running for president before the 2016 campaign got under way. They begged Trump to run -- thinking that Hillary would easily crush him. Instead, Trump won! He became the first man in history to become the US president while having exactly zero military and political experience.

In three years, Trump has set the board. He got his tax cuts. He got two judges on the Supreme Court. He's getting troops out of Syria. He's pushing China for better trade terms. He's curt with Europe about its mediocre NATO spending. He's getting Mexico to behave on the border. The economy is booming and the stock market is reaching all-time highs.

All the leftists can do is call him A VERY BAD MAN and complain about BS. Trump will win in 2020 and he's going to win BIG!


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