Inequality Forever
The Magic Negro approves of P.M. Zoolander

Pain is an excellent teacher

Generation Zyklon is learning the truth at a very young age:

The attack took place on the President-Wilson avenue near a migrant camp at around 5:30 pm. A migrant randomly approached a woman and her two-year-old son and punch the child in the head outside of a Franprix grocery shop, Le Parisien reports.

As the woman, named Sandy, demanded an explanation from the migrant, she, too, was also punched in the face, bruising her cheekbone.

"Excuse me, Mr. Peaceful Refugee, why did you hit my son?" She should be punched in the face for asking a dumb question.

The migrant attacker, however, was nearly lynched by locals who attacked him and left him bleeding, according to the young mother.

Good. That's the appropriate response.


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