Those "Ottawa men" again
The Austere Religious Leader Saga

Muslims monetizing blasphemy

Blasphemy is punishable by death under Islamic law. The mere allegation of such can lead to a brutal death by a mob.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday warned of stern action against anyone trying to foment trouble, a day after four people were killed in police firing on hundreds of Muslims protesting an alleged blasphemous Facebook post by a Hindu man.

Four idiots are dead because a few Muslims were trying to blackmail a non-Muslim:

According to the initial investigation, Hasina said, Hindu youth Biplop Chandra Baidya's Facebook account was hacked by a Muslim man. She said Baidya was being blackmailed to pay 20,000 Bangladeshi Taka (USD 235) or blasphemous content would be posted from his Facebook account.

This Hindu is lucky because he got a warning. Imagine if the Muslims were more wicked; they would have posted the content on his facebook account and then a mob would have murdered him before the police even had a clue. Even if he somehow miraculously survived, he would then be in jail for months, weeks, or years while trying to "prove" that he didn't write the content that showed up on his account.


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