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Societal suicide

A Sherwood Park resident who removed an Islamophobic sticker from a sign near her bus stop says she's angry about the attempt to spread hate in her community. [...]

Text on the sticker asks if Islam is a religion of peace, and lists a website where readers can learn more. The web address leads to a crudely constructed blog featuring lengthy posts that draw on racist ideas, referencing white supremacist tropes and warnings against multiculturalism and diversity.

The New York Times did some digging and found a guy who had left Canada to be an executioner for ISIS and then returned. They recorded an interview in which he stated that killing people got easier the more he did it. This murderer walks free in Canada. However, if you put up stickers or posters which are critical of Islam, then the police will investigate. That is the fucked up present state of Canada:

Strathcona County RCMP are investigating after being made aware of social media reports on Sunday related to the sticker, said spokesperson Cpl. Chris Warren.

Warren said officers were making inquiries in the neighbourhood to further the investigation.

These people will learn about Islam the hard way. They'll be walking with their children, someone will shout ALLAH AKBAR!, and then an explosion will wake them up. They'll look around and finally understand that Islam is a religion of peace: there's a piece of their daughter over there, another piece up there ...


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