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The New Swedes

The slow motion suicide of Sweden continues:

Like other public spaces in multicultural Sweden, public libraries have now become places where criminal and undesirable behavior like sexual harassment, drug dealing, and violence have become commonplace. [...]

”Many want special treatment – free of charge, write off debt, borrow for as long as possible – and become aggressive when they do not get what they want,” said one of the surveyed librarians.

[...] librarians also reported that it’s common to encounter men viewing porn or openly masturbating in front of computers.

The Hands of Hate!

If there’s one thing you’ve noticed about white nationalists, it’s that they have hands. And something they’ve been doing a lot with their hands lately is sending out secret messages in support of white supremacy. If you see anyone doing any of these hand gestures, you can be certain they are a racist and should report them to the nearest racism reporting facility (usually Twitter).

What America needs right now is common sense hand control.

No Whites Allowed

Edinburgh University has been slated for hosting an event where white people will be banned from asking questions - which has been described as 'blatantly racist'. A Q&A event - Resisting Whiteness 2019 - will bar Caucasian guests from speaking from the floor. There will also be two 'safe spaces' - one of which white people are banned from entering.

White people should take this progressive approach in their countries and simply ban the coloreds; let them stay in their "safe spaces" back home.

They have to go back

A healthy majority of Austrians see the truth:

A new study from the University of Salzburg has shown 70 per cent of Austrians feel Islam is simply not compatible with the Western world.

The study, which involved 1,200 participants, found that Austrians were very concerned about the effect of Islam in their country, with 72 per cent going as far as to say Muslims were not a cultural asset for Austria, Kronen Zeitung reports.

BREAKING NEWS: 30% of Austrians are retarded.

How to destroy a country

The new Italian government is made up of traitors:

During just the past several weeks, the number of migrant arrivals to Italy has increased incrementally: 59 migrants arrived on September 6; 67 arrived on September 9; 121 arrived on September 14; 259 arrived on September 15; 275 arrived on September 18; and 475 arrived between September 19 and September 25, according to the IOM. Overall, the number of migrant arrivals in September 2019 is up by more than 100% over the number of arrivals in September 2018.

The Chains of Peace

These Muslims forgot that they're only supposed to have non-Muslims as slaves:

More than 300 men and boys have been rescued from a 'house of torture' Islamic boarding school where they were detained and raped by staff for years in Kaduna, Nigeria.

Many were found chained up and the detainees, mostly children, said they had been tortured, sexually abused, starved and prevented from leaving.

One can't make this up:

The owner of the school said all they do is teach people Islam and said the allegations of torture and sexual assault are false, despite acknowledging people were in chains.

He said: 'They don't do anything other than recitation of Qur'an, pray and worship God.

'Those chained are the stubborn ones who attempt running away. Those who don't attempt running away are not chained. Some were chained before and after settling down, they were freed.'

The orcs are howling

Mordor is not happy with Australia:

Saudi Arabia has launched an extraordinary attack on Australia, deeming our government “racist” for “sympathising” with the Christchurch mosque killer. [...]

“We see in some countries radicalism against Muslims, we see xenophobia, racism. And some governments sympathise with them, like Australia. Here we refer to the massacre perpetrated by Brenton Tarrant — an Australian — which was based on hate speech.”

Australia should have the exact same policies towards Muslims that Saudi Arabia employs against non-Muslims. For example:

  • Jail time for Muslims who criticize the Australian government.
  • Deportation of all problematic Muslims.
  • Annihilation of all mosques.

Muslims are in perpetual war with non-Muslims. It's time to face the ugly reality and treat the enemy accordingly.

Children pay the price

Blood, death, and carnage is the future of Sweden. This is only the beginning.

Horrifying video footage of a Swedish schoolboy being savagely beaten by a gang of racist migrant teens has circulated throughout social media. [...]

The disturbing video shows a young boy lying down on the pavement of the schoolyard trying to protect himself while migrant teens take turn abusing him. The main migrant aggressor in the situation can be seen repeatedly kicking the boy in the face, while another migrant on a bicycle runs over the victim. A third aggressor circles the victim and occasionally kicks him in the head as other onlookers simply watch the brutal attack take place.

This is not going to end well for the migrants.

Won't you feel sorry for Muslims?

“World has a problem when it comes to human rights of Muslims. To oppressed Muslims and to get rid of their human rights, all you need to utter the magic phrase of “Islamic terrorism” and no one cares about their (Muslims) human rights”.

The prime minister of Pakistan made that comment in New York. Isn't that rich!

How many mosques are there in New York? How many churches are there in Saudi Arabia? I think that the West should follow the human rights example at the heart of Islam: the treatment of Muslims in the West will be the same as the treatment of non-Muslims in Arabia.

The most important freedom

So many Kiwis willingly gave away their most basic right. Sad!

Societal suicide

A Sherwood Park resident who removed an Islamophobic sticker from a sign near her bus stop says she's angry about the attempt to spread hate in her community. [...]

Text on the sticker asks if Islam is a religion of peace, and lists a website where readers can learn more. The web address leads to a crudely constructed blog featuring lengthy posts that draw on racist ideas, referencing white supremacist tropes and warnings against multiculturalism and diversity.

The New York Times did some digging and found a guy who had left Canada to be an executioner for ISIS and then returned. They recorded an interview in which he stated that killing people got easier the more he did it. This murderer walks free in Canada. However, if you put up stickers or posters which are critical of Islam, then the police will investigate. That is the fucked up present state of Canada:

Strathcona County RCMP are investigating after being made aware of social media reports on Sunday related to the sticker, said spokesperson Cpl. Chris Warren.

Warren said officers were making inquiries in the neighbourhood to further the investigation.

These people will learn about Islam the hard way. They'll be walking with their children, someone will shout ALLAH AKBAR!, and then an explosion will wake them up. They'll look around and finally understand that Islam is a religion of peace: there's a piece of their daughter over there, another piece up there ...

Another famous "Swedish" teen

On average, at least one victim every week over a four year period:

A Swedish 19-year-old is suspected of being involved in 221 crimes over a four-year period, with his criminal career starting at the age of just 12.

Identified in local media reports as Hassan, the criminal male is currently in prison serving a two-year sentence for robbery, among other charges and participated in an interview to speak about his experiences growing up in the Stockholm criminal scene, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

221 crimes! Yet, he's in jail for only two years.

AR-10 Boxes!

The Know Nothing Clowns want to take guns away from Americans:

Introducing her new gun control legislation, Congresscritter Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) proved conclusively that she's just too uninformed to go anywhere near the subject. She claims to have "held an AR-15 in my hand," which weighed as much as "10 boxes that you might be moving." She also claimed the rifle fired a .50 caliber round, and that "these kinds of bullets need to be licensed and do not need to be on the street."

I prefer the AR-15 with a modest thermonuclear modification.

Public education is child abuse

Exhibit # 57,247:

Children as young as six are being taught about touching or ‘stimulating’ their own genitals as part of classes that will become compulsory in hundreds of primary schools.

Some parents believe the lessons – part of a controversial new sex and relationships teaching programme called All About Me – are ‘sexualising’ their young children.

Ten years later: pedophilia is just a sexual orientation; it's perfectly normal. WHAT! You don't agree!? OMG, you're such a pedophobe!

Only the West is evil

Amin, how dare you!? Don't you know that's it's only legitimate to point out the flaws of privileged, White people. This focus on poor, oppressed, darkies is pure racism and ugly Islamophobia. Get with the current year!


More Woke

I was once listening to an audiobook of an Agatha Christie novel and decided to read it instead and soon realized a discrepancy: the word jew in the book had been replaced with something similar to solicitor! Changing the Ten Little Niggers title was just the start.

Editors in recent years have "edited" older books to alter or remove unwoke language but that's not enough, apparently. Now, they're putting the problematic books in trash:

This woman is the head of “English Language Arts” for the public schools in Washington Township, NJ. That’s right: the head of the English department for public schools in this town celebrates throwing books into the Dumpster. She’s a self-described “servant leader,” and apparently a Christian. Who throws unwoke books into the Dumpster so all the geniuses in her school (and they’re all geniuses) won’t be tainted by what’s in the pages.

NPCs are speechless

Someone is very clever:

A slew of controversial signs posted across one local town has been drawing more confusion than outrage.

In Winchester, signs that read "Islam was RIGHT about women" has residents scratching their heads to figure out exactly what the poster meant by those words.

The short circuit is quite funny:

They seem to want to be outraged because Islam subjugates women but they also don't want to be viewed as "racist," "xenophobic" or "intolerant."

Man of Action

Vox Day:

If you've noticed, we don't advertise any of our projects anywhere. Arkhaven, Castalia, Infogalactic, VFM and Unauthorized all refuse to pay-to-play on Amazon, Facebook, Google, or anywhere else. We would rather rely upon our core supporters, focus upon serving them, and gradually grow that strong foundation than try to catch a big wave on Amazon or wherever.

Why? Because the wave belongs to the wave maker and is entirely under its control! We've seen, repeatedly, that even million-selling Amazon authors have ZERO support outside of Amazon.

Vox Day is building platforms for books, comics, TV, and movies where the structures are anti-fragile.

Forget material support, the majority of the Right doesn't even bother to provide links to his efforts. They'd rather keep crying and bitching about their enemies in the Leftist-controlled media world.

That famous "Windsor Man"

The Muslim who beat an old woman to death in Canada still hasn't faced justice:

On Sunday October 8, 2017, Anne Widholm took a morning stroll on Windsor’s Ganatchio Trail. The 75-year-old grandmother and Sunday school teacher was picking up litter when, as police charge, Habibullah Ahmadi, 21, attacked the woman and left her unconscious and near death.

“In my 12 years in Windsor, this is the most severe beating I’ve seen,” neurosurgeon Dr. Balraj Jhawar told the Windsor Star. Dr. Jhawar detailed multiple brain hemorrhages, fractured vertebrae and “the worst skull fractures” he had seen in more than a decade. “This is among the most brutal things I’ve seen in my career,” Dr. Jhawar explained. “Her eyes were so bruised, they were swollen shut.”

The following isn't surprising:

In a departure from standard practice with violent criminals, police did not release the suspect’s booking photo.

It would make Muslims look bad and we can't have that.

Won't you feel sorry for poor Americans?

Most Americans would probably have a hard time wrapping their heads around a $350,000 salary. [...] The thing is, that kind of income, while relatively huge, is barely enough, according to Dogen, for a family to lead a comfortable life in coastal counties — where almost half of the nation’s population calls home.

The unintentionally funny monthly budget shows an after-tax income of $18,653 with $121 (!) left after all the expenses are deducted. This family makes over a quarter million dollars a year but a tiny 1% decline in income would put them in the red!

Yeah, that's not an income issue -- that's a severe spending problem. 

Those wacky sharia-followers

Children at Salafist mosque schools in the Netherlands are taught Sharia law, and are taught the death penalty is appropriate for people with a different religion or belief system, according to a study by Nieuwsuur and NRC. The report has parliamentarians concerned. [...]

In lessons and from books, children are taught which groups and types of people are "enemies" or "unbelievers". The lessons also teach that adulterers, homosexuals, apostates and so-called 'wizards' deserve the death penalty. Children have to do multiple choice exercises in which they must choose which punishment is applicable - a. Whipping, b. Stoning, or C. Death by sword, according to the news agencies.

And then the politicians keep on importing thousands of Muslims ... What could go wrong?

The Soul of Islam

The treatment of dogs in Islamic countries is absolutely atrocious:

Bomb-sniffing dogs sent from the United States to its Middle Eastern ally Jordan are falling ill and dying due to poor treatment and negligence, a federal investigation has found.

A year-long evaluation by inspectors at the State Department found that at least 10 such dogs in Jordan died between 2008 and 2016 from medical problems. Even those who survive are suffering from "unhealthy conditions," such as inadequate kennels, poor sanitation, and overwork.

If you think that these Muslims should have the sense to provide adequate care to animals who save lives, then you really don't understand the wicked, Islamic attitude towards dogs.

Rapefugees Welcome!

Madness in Montreal:

A new public swimming pool in Montreal, Canada will have just one “gender neutral” changing room, eliminating male and female designated facilities. [...]

According to Nathalie Goulet, head of social inclusion for the executive committee of the City of Montreal, making boys, girls, men, women, transgender and “non-binary” people all change in the same room is a benchmark of “social innovation.”

Mountains of Misery

For the past forty years, women have been demanding their relationships with men be free of traditional sex roles. Women said they can do everything themselves and “don’t need a man.” They wanted to lead and to be their own heroes. In exchange, they wanted men to be more like women: soft and nurturing and flexible.

Men listened and responded accordingly.

Those men are fools.

If traditional sex roles were truly passé, as the culture has insisted for years, women would have no problem finding a husband. If it didn’t matter which sex is richer or more educated, women would be perfectly happy in the provider role and would marry any one of the countless men of lesser status who are clearly and readily available.

But they aren’t doing that. And many of the women who are doing it are miserable.

Young women out of college think that they want to be STRONG, EMPOWERED, INDEPENDENT, and FIERCE. The perfect way to go about this is to get a mediocre job and become another obedient rodent in the soul-crushing rat race.

Soon, they yearn for a family but only with a taller, bigger, stronger, and richer man. Most guys, of course, can't meet the unrealistic standards. Result: tears.

A very super bad wrap

Just how stupid can one be? This stupid:

In 2017, the couple left Western Australia to embark on a major trip driving across Asia to the UK. They were documenting their adventures on Instagram and Youtube, where they had more than 20,000 followers.

Videos of their travel through a dozen countries featured their cultural interactions and often showed drone footage of the natural landscape.

"Our biggest motivation... is to hopefully inspire anyone wanting to travel, and also try to break the stigma around travelling to countries which get a bad wrap [sic] in the media," the pair wrote online.

The dumbasses are now in jail in Iran.

Nature vs. Laboratory

The instinct should be to distrust new lab-manufactured "foods" but too many people want to try new things and share their experiences. They're basically giddy guinea pigs.

Mordor gets attacked

Drones were utilized in attacks against Saudi oil processing facilities:

Saudi Arabia’s oil production and exports have been disrupted, said three sources familiar with the matter, after drone attacks on two Aramco plants on Saturday, including the world’s biggest oil processing facility. [...]

Saudi Aramco operates the world’s largest oil processing facility and crude oil stabilization plant in the world at Abqaiq, in eastern Saudi Arabia. The plant has a crude oil processing capacity of more than 7 million barrels per day.


Crazy gold digger

Send her to jail:

POLICE in Brazil have charged a model who accused football star Neymar of raping her in a Paris hotel with blackmail.

Najila Trindade and her former husband, Estivens Alves, have been accused of perverting the course of justice and attempting to extort the Brazilian forward.

She set a camera to record and then assaulted Neymar to get him to hit back. Instead of retaliating, he just looked and sounded confused.

Four orders of magnitude

My first laptop had a 2.1 GB hard drive 21 years ago. I very quickly had to choose between playing Quake II or keeping my music. Thank God for CD burners! Now, Western Digital is releasing a real beast:

As operators of cloud datacenters need more storage capacity, higher capacity HDDs are being developed. As data hoarders need more capacity, higher capacity HDDs are needed. Last week Western Digital introduced its new Utrastar DC HC650 20 TB drives - hitting a new barrier in rotating data.

That's roughly 10,000 times bigger than the cramped drive I had in the previous century.