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Clown World Down Under

The world keeps getting crazier by the day:

New guidelines released on Thursday mean transgender cricketers will be allowed to play community or grassroots cricket only by “demonstrating commitment to their gender identity”. There is no requirement for players to have undergone treatment or transition surgery, while clubs are banned from requesting a player undergo a medical examination for the purpose of gender verification.

In an exclusive interview with Macquarie Sport Radio‘s Cam Reddin, Blackwell urged women and girls who did not feel comfortable playing or changing alongside trans players to play something else.

What, exactly, is the point of women's sports then?

These are simple truths: men are faster, bigger, stronger, and faster than women. However, when you have shit for brains, then these are the words that come out of your mouth:

Blackwell rejected suggestions some female players may feel disadvantaged under these rules.

“Whenever a policy like this is put to the broader community – it is the broader community that has the problem, not the participants,” Blackwell said.

Of course! The issue isn't asshole men who want to compete against women and then disrobe in their locker rooms. No! The problem is all these horrible women who don't want to get their skull fractured by a bouncer and then have to deal with a creep with his balls hanging out.

Meme of the day:

Can you feel the peace?

Issa Mohammed, a Jordanian claiming to be a Syrian, chops up a German with a Japanese sword. Such are the marvels of diversity!

A Jordanian asylum seeker who claimed to be Syrian hacked his former roommate to death in the street with a samurai sword, police say.

Issa Mohammed, 28, feared the victim named in German media as Wilhelm L., 36, had exposed him as a fake to the German authorities.

The former McDonald's worker was arrested after the horrific incident which took place on a residential road in Stuttgart, Germany.

At least, now, nobody else will try to expose him as a fake refugee.

Racist reality

The Burqa Burglars

The welfare payments weren't enough:

This is the extraordinary moment two women in full Muslim dress unpacked up to 20 items they allegedly tried to steal from an Asda and stuffed inside their robes.

The incident is believed to have happened at a supermarket in Dagenham, east London and was shared by thousands of people online today.

This comment was certainly predictable: No true Muslim would do that!

Trouble Down Under

This (844,800) is an insane level of immigration for a tiny population. In relative terms, this would be like if India took in 45 million immigrants in a year!

Australia's immigration rate has surged to a new record high with more than 115,000 permanent arrivals in just one month.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released new immigration figures on Thursday, hours after Prime Minister Scott Morrison called an election for May 18.

The overseas arrivals data showed 115,100 new people declared Australia as their new home in February, as annual immigration soared by a record 844,800.

Life in the modern city of the West: Cheap labor, lower wages, higher rents, traffic jams, spikes in theft, a few dead bodies now and then, and increasing hostility -- all thanks to this cultural enrichment that the young generation will have to reverse.

He has to go back

The rights of the victims are not considered:

A 30-year-old Somali asylum seeker who has racked up 18 convictions including drugs, firearms and theft offences could face deportation - but lawyers argue this is against his human rights.

The asylum seeker, identified only as MS, faces the threat of deportation after two previous judgements allowing him to stay in Britain were overturned by the Court of Appeal.

First mistake: Letting him in the country.

Second mistake: Not deporting him after his first criminal offense.

Not of "national importance"

Nothing to see here:

After receiving many questions on why Deutschlandfunk has not reported on the barbaric sword murder of a Kazakh father (36) in Stuttgart by a man originally believed to be a Syrian but might actually be Jordanian Palestinian (28) according to the tabloid Bild.

The state sponsored broadcaster released the following statement claiming the attack was not of national importance or societal significance unlike the case of a mother and her 8-year-old son being pushed in front of a train by an Eritrean in the same week in Frankfurt.

The Perverted Narrative


"I would say our country should be more fearful of white men across our country because they are actually causing most of the deaths within this country," Rep. Ilhan Omar claimed on Al Jazeera.

"We have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men," Don Lemon had previously claimed on CNN.

"White Men Have Committed More Mass Shootings Than Any Other Group," Newsweek had argued.

The media constantly lies.

Build the Wall!

In the arena of identity politics, that's a simple and effective way of demoralizing the largest block into not fighting for its kind. Separate dorms and graduations for Blacks and ovations for La Raza from Mexicans in America are acceptable but Whites standing up for their progeny and enforcing borders is totally NAZI!

Also, the colored, fractured and witless coalition of the Left has little that unifies it except the hatred of EEEVIL White people. They have their usual socialism but that doesn't play with the majority; so, they point and scream NAZI at the opponents. So, if YOU vote for Trump in 2020, then YOU are also a NAZI! It can't be denied that their juvenile tactics do work on some people.

Simple statistics

Hey, where are those eeevil White men that the media says are so dangerous?

Not a gun problem

Obviously, it's because America has those BIGGER eviler guns!

Stefan Molyneux is the Worst Person Ever!

The childless spinsters and their White Knights are very angry at Molyneux. The women know that their life has almost zero meaning without kids. They're mad that a guy publicly judged them for their atrocious life choices. If his opinion was really dumb, then women would think, "Stefan, you silly man," and move on. Instead, the deeply wounded biological failures can't stop punching their keyboards. All they can do is incoherently lash out.

Men =/= Women

Given the amount of time and resources it takes to train a doctor, this is horribly inefficient:

More and more women doctors are cutting work hours or leaving the medical profession altogether to spend time with their families, findings show.

Researchers found 40 percent of female physicians either reduced their hours to part-time or quit working, according to a study published Friday in JAMA Network Open. Experts worry this exodus could add to the growing doctor shortage in the United States.

The next part is both predictable and funny.

The researchers asked 167 male and 177 female doctors about their preferences to work either part-time or full-time. Then they produced word clouds from those answers.

The typical words that jumped out for men were "need money," "loan" and "financial."

By contrast, the terms that stood out for women were "childcare responsibilities," "balancing work" and "family and children".

Instead of attracting more men to the field, the authors offer their vapid prescriptions which won't solve the problem.

Another colored clown

Then, it won't come as a surprise when the "White folks" send you back.

Rapefugees Welcome

A 21-year-old man from Afghanistan who needs an interpreter in Persian is now sentenced to two years and a two-month prison sentence since he raped a 13-year-old girl at Björkestas School in Nykvarn in May.

It gets worse:

They have concluded that there were no special reasons for expulsion on the grounds that he has lived in Sweden for five years and that he has a permanent residence permit, says prosecutor Emma Olsson to SVT Södertälje.

He'll likely be out in one year to rape young girls in Sweden again.

The bleeding edge of diversity

All thanks to Madam Merkel:

A Syrian migrant brutally killed a man with a sword during a broad daylight attack in Stuttgart, Germany.

The horrific incident was seen by numerous witnesses and began after the 28-year-old Syrian got into a heated argument with his 36-year-old German-Kazakh roommate.

A video of the incident shows the perpetrator ruthlessly plunging the sword into the victim as he lay on the ground. According to reports, the victim had his arm completely hacked off.

Unfit news

Speaking of The Narrative ...