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Clown World Down Under

The world keeps getting crazier by the day:

New guidelines released on Thursday mean transgender cricketers will be allowed to play community or grassroots cricket only by “demonstrating commitment to their gender identity”. There is no requirement for players to have undergone treatment or transition surgery, while clubs are banned from requesting a player undergo a medical examination for the purpose of gender verification.

In an exclusive interview with Macquarie Sport Radio‘s Cam Reddin, Blackwell urged women and girls who did not feel comfortable playing or changing alongside trans players to play something else.

What, exactly, is the point of women's sports then?

These are simple truths: men are faster, bigger, stronger, and faster than women. However, when you have shit for brains, then these are the words that come out of your mouth:

Blackwell rejected suggestions some female players may feel disadvantaged under these rules.

“Whenever a policy like this is put to the broader community – it is the broader community that has the problem, not the participants,” Blackwell said.

Of course! The issue isn't asshole men who want to compete against women and then disrobe in their locker rooms. No! The problem is all these horrible women who don't want to get their skull fractured by a bouncer and then have to deal with a creep with his balls hanging out.

Meme of the day:


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