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Go ahead and snigger

Of course. These politicians loudly preach about diversity but live far away from it. They cry about gun violence and want to ban guns and limit rounds while surrounded by heavily armed guards who carry hundreds, if not thousands, of bullets. They champion public education and then send their kids to elite private schools. They shed tears about the rising oceans and then pay a stunning eight-digit-sum to acquire a mansion close to the water.

Obama is a gifted bullshit artist who has no real connection with America and Americans. If he was born White, then he'd likely be a very charismatic waiter at some upscale restaurant in Kenya. He fooled enough people twice because he's a smooth and clean! negro. 

Broken education

The students and the parents are getting quite a lesson from these hustlers:

Big Apple parents are getting a crash course in cutthroat capitalism at their kid’s schools, which are strong-arming them into buying supplies at sky-high prices to pad the bottom line. The money-making scheme is generating windfall profits — tens of thousands of dollars citywide that’s getting tucked away in school slush funds, The Post has found.

At least 10 NYC schools’s have worked out a private deal with a small Chicago-based business, Yubbler, to sell supplies to parents — and split the profits with the PTA or school.

Why would the prison wardens school admins even ask for money to buy supplies?

With the Department of Education’s $24 billion annual budget, some parents wonder why schools ask them to buy pencils. Insiders suspect the real purpose behind pushing parents to buy supplies is for the schools to avoid spending money they get from the DOE on supplies. Their share of the profits can be spent on anything, including music or art programs, field trips, and other extras.

As if the high taxes weren't enough ...

So many wrongs

Cricinfo: What has gone wrong for Pakistan cricket this century? A story in 16 graphs.

One very interesting point about the poor quality of batsmen:

[...] a player performs really well in the domestic game, takes that form into ODI cricket, where it carries him for a while before his technical deficiencies are highlighted by opposition think tanks; he then gets dropped, returns to the domestic game, and continues to score there without ever needing to change what made him fail at the highest level.

I instantly thought of Babar Azam. His value to the team is absolutely immense. The management and other players should be asking him about his unusual success at the international level. Even then, they can copy his hard work but the talent can't be duplicated.

The writer couldn't ignore him either:

Considering that Babar Azam is the only player who made his debut this decade who has actually become an elite middle-order player, the summary quite simply is that Pakistan's team managements have failed emphatically.

Baal demands sacrifices

Proof that evil does exist:

We will see a few hundred million "after birth" abortions all over the globe in the next thirty years.

Literally Hitler

Babylon Bee:

CNN host Brian Stelter blamed President Trump for the network's falling ratings Sunday, accusing the president of killing millions upon millions of people that otherwise might have tuned into CNN.

"If Trump weren't killing off most of America by the millions, we'd still have a pretty solid viewer base," Stelter bellowed at the three viewers watching Reliable Sources. "Airports, lobbies, waiting rooms, and gas station pumps are now playing CNN to absolutely no one, since Trump has killed them all."


Annoying bedbug

Okay, I admit it. I laughed at this:

The Pyramid of Death

Some time ago, I was discussing the coffee consumption of Canadians during lunch time at my workplace. Almost everyone said that they definitely needed that jolt to wake up. One guy asked me about my breakfast.

"Three boiled eggs," was my reply.

He recoiled in horror. Eggs are bad for you! Too much cholesterol! Bagels and toast are much better options.

If you think that eggs are villains and carbs are your friends, then it'll be near impossible for you to be not overweight.

Punished for excellence

That's the evil of equality. It's not possible to make the perpetually poor into wealthy personalities. Though, "equality" is possible when the rich are annihilated. Same concept here. The dumb kids can't be magically made into smart ones but it's very easy to make the high-IQ kids suffer to get closer to that wicked equality.

Also, surely, these politicians will be going after the NFL soon for being "too black"...

The "enlightened" segregation

Stanford University is offering a few special physics courses for colored students:

Stanford’s alternate version of this course, Physics 41E, boasts additional class time, as well as “learning assistants,” individuals with a “passion” for “education equity,” who are paid by the university to guide students through the difficult course. The university says this modified course helps to increase diversity in the field because “students from underrepresented groups often don’t have the same level of preparation from high school as their majority peers.” [...]

Other courses offered to bridge the supposed diversity problem at Stanford include two one-unit physics courses that address not physics itself, but rather concepts of diversity within the discipline.

“Physics 94SI: Diverse Perspectives in Physics” is a seminar course in which “physics faculty members from diverse backgrounds share the story of their lives and careers.” Physics majors can earn academic credit by learning “what it is like to be a female professor” or “a faculty member raised first-generation/low income.” The course takes place “over lunch” and consists of a discussion of the “lives and career trajectories” of various “diverse” professors.

Richard Feynman must be rolling over in his grave.

What's next? "Math 420: How much weed gets you high?" is a dope course in which mathematics faculty members from diverse backgrounds share their stories on a comfy couch. Math majors can earn credit by learning "what it is like to be a stoner" or "how Newton was a Nazi." The course takes place "over bongs" and consists of a discussion of the "pro and cons of sativa vs. indica."

Next semester? "Math 420EV: Edibles and Vapes are the bomb, yo!"

The Ashes are Alive!

2019 will be remembered as the Year of Benjamin Andrew Stokes. England won the World Cup last month thanks to the magnificent performance of Ben Stokes. Today, England made their highest fourth-innings run chase in history to win thanks to Ben Stokes.

The entire England cricket team was out for 67 runs in the first innings. Stokes hit 135 runs in the fourth. The talent and audacity of this man was absolutely jaw-dropping as he smashed 19 runs off Hazlewood's last over. Who the hell hits 8 sixes in the fourth innings of a Test match!?!

When Lyon fumbled that run out, it must have really hurt the Aussies. That was their clear chance to win ... by 1 run! Instead, Leach got the most applause anyone has ever gotten for scoring only 1 run when he got Stokes on strike in the very next over. Of course, Stokes finished it with a safe boundary.

Whatever England is paying Ben Stokes is not enough.

Lots of incredible stats from the game like this one:

67 - England's first-innings total. There are only three instances of teams scoring fewer runs in an innings, in a Test match they ended up winning, and they were all in the 1880s.

In other words, nobody alive today has witnessed such a stunning cricket match before.

Imagine my shock!

The many wonderful dividends of diversity:

Robberies targeting children in Sweden have hit a new record high, with young men with migrant backgrounds being blamed for the spike.

According to figures published by Sweden’s crime prevention agency BRÅ, 637 robberies were reported against young people under 18 in the second quarter of this year, the highest ever number. During the same period in 2017, the corresponding figure was 358, while in 2018 it was 505.

The prime targets of such predators: children, old people, and women.

There have been a few simple and efficient instances of theft in Ontario as well. For example, a teenage girl will be walking on the sidewalk while talking on her cellphone. A diverse fellow will swoop by on his bike, grab her phone, and then race away.

Who doesn't like free money?

All the Syrian "refugees" had to do was show up in Germany to collect thousands of euros of free cash. So, of course, they did. Then, they went back to Syria to fully enjoy the benefits.

Over the past few years, Germany has received some 780,000 Syrians, who have fled war and Daesh there and sought protected status in Europe. Recent reports, however, allege that some of them have managed to enjoy both the German social security system and visits to their homeland.

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, representing the Bavarian wing of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, has suggested sending asylum seekers home from Germany if they have regularly travelled to their countries of origin for private reasons.

It isn't evil enough that the German elite opened the door to millions of Muslims who loath their hosts. They had to transfer billions of euros from the average Germans to these lying, hateful scum. Nothing promotes peace better than theft and terror combined.

Pakis Gone Wild!

A 37-year-old man has been stabbed to death and four others were injured following a disturbance in a suspected family feud over land in Pakistan. [...]

A murder investigation has been launched following the death. Police also found a 35-year-old man inside a house on the street with serious stab wounds, who is in a critical condition in hospital. Three other men, two in their 30s and one in his 40s, also suffered injuries in the incident that police said were not serious. [...]

The bloodletting took place less than half a mile away from where Malik Hussain, 35, was fatally stabbed two months ago.

Can you guess where this all happened? In Brave New Britain! Of course, this only means that England is in serious need of common sense knife control!

Moving in the right direction

Mette Thiesen is saying what many people think:

“In the New Right, we would vote no to grant Danish citizenship to people who come from countries based on Muslim values,” newspaper Berlingske reports.

Thiesen spoke to the newspaper to explain the proposal saying, “As long as the problems in foreign policy are not solved from the bottom up, you have to do something like this. It is simply purely practical. We can see that these groups are overrepresented in the crime statistics, and we do not want to grant them Danish citizenship.”

This proposal is way too tame. Eventually, European countries like Denmark will be deporting Muslims back to their sharia-infested shitholes.

The God-Emperor is merciful

Trump forgives student loans for disabled vets. Vox Day writes:

All student loan debt should be eventually discharged and all student loans should forbidden by state and federal law. They are intrinsically predatory and accomplish nothing except inflating the cost of higher education.

Agreed. The US government doesn't trust these teenagers with a few cans of beer but somehow these same fools are allowed to annihilate their future by borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a useless piece of paper which gets them a burger-flipping job.

No love for the infidel whore

Last month, an American mother named Bethany Vierra lost custody of her young daughter Zaina, on the grounds that she was too Western to raise the child well. Now her own parents worry that they will lose both grand-daughter and daughter, as the window to appeal closes in Saudi Arabia. [...]

Bethany, a 32-year-old student and yoga teacher, moved to Saudi Arabia to teach at a university in 2011. She recently divorced her Saudi husband, and sought custody of their four-year-old daughter. But in July, the court concluded that she would not be a good parent.

Bethany Vierra made a lot of dumb decisions:

  • Moving to Saudi Arabia for work.
  • Not paying attention and leaving the barbaric country immediately.
  • Marrying an Arab Muslim.
  • Having a kid while still in the Land of Mordor.

Now, she'll lose her daughter forever to the evil clutches of Islamic law.

"A woman, from birth to death, must have a male guardian," says Begum, the researcher from Human Rights Watch. "The idea is that they are not capable and that men know better."

Women still need a male guardian's permission before having elective surgery, for example. And critically for Bethany, by Saudi law, a woman's testimony is worth only half that of a man's.

Diversity implodes

It's Paki pandemonium!

A 'barbaric' street brawl between 'two feuding families' erupted after a week of bad blood sparked by a 'wedding argument'.

Savage punches were thrown and an elderly man put a youngster in a headlock in shocking footage from the daytime incident in Aston, Birmingham.

But fresh footage now shows young thugs were also armed with hammers, huge metal poles and baseball bats as they joined the 30-man melee on Prestbury Road at 5.30pm on Thursday.

Claw hammers, metal poles, batons, baseball bats -- seriously, where are the cricket bats!?

The most important right

Once again, responding to a horrendous crime by inflicting knee-jerk, authoritarian restrictions on innocent people proves to be an ineffective means of convincing people to obey. Specifically, New Zealand's government—which also stepped up censorship and domestic surveillance after bloody attacks on two Christchurch mosques earlier this year—is running into stiff resistance to new gun rules from firearms owners who are slow to surrender now-prohibited weapons and will probably never turn them in. [...]

As of last week, only around 700 weapons had been turned over. There are an estimated 1.5 million guns—with an unknown number subject to the new prohibition on semiautomatic firearms—in the country overall.

So, 99.95% of these guns in New Zealand are in smart hands.

Prime Traitor

Why would the leader of a country that is drowning in student loans, credit card debt, skyrocketing mortgages, and increasing government deficits give hundreds of millions of dollars to foreigners and foreign causes? It's almost like he doesn't care about his country.

Rapefugee detonates

A Sudanese man murdered a White woman in England:

An asylum seeker who savagely murdered a 21-year-old woman in an 'explosive rage' after she refused to have sex with him has been jailed for life.

Karar Ali Karar stabbed Jodi Miller with a kitchen knife 15 times to the head and body after she rejected his repeated sexual advances at a flat in Leeds.

The 29-year-old Sudanese national carried out the drug-fuelled attack in front of a 15-year-old schoolboy and two other men on February 26.

Of course, this story won't get widespread coverage in the media.

The Vanishing Middle

A Latin teacher shares his recent experience:

As a semi-retired business writer who taught in Detroit 35 years ago, I returned to the classroom because a local high school was unable to replace a Latin teacher who had resigned. I hold an advanced degree in medieval studies and renewed my certification to teach Latin, history, and social studies. Once in class, I witnessed firsthand the politicized atmosphere of today’s factory-style government-monopoly schools.

The following is not shocking:

There were some excellent students, but test scores were not distributed in a bell-shaped curve. It was an “inverted” bell, or bimodal distribution – with scores clumped at the two extremes.

Yup. With a bell curve distribution, teachers would instruct the "middle" of the class where the very smart students got bored and the weak ones would sleep. So, roughly 70% of the students would listen. Now, more than half the class has no clue what's going on. At best, the school is a glorified daycare center; at worst, it's a zoo.

Makes no sense

Babylon Bee:

Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar reported Thursday they were bewildered that they got banned from Israel, a country they seem to believe shouldn't exist at all. [...]

Tlaib agreed, saying she wanted to ask Jews about the Holocaust so she could relax and get a "calming feeling" while she was there.

"It just doesn't make much sense for this country that shouldn't even exist to ban us," she said. "What have we ever said against them, besides suggesting they are terrorists who deserve to be pushed into the sea?"

That peaceful Jihad again

Obviously, Australia needs some common sense knife control:

A blood-soaked man screaming 'Allahu Akbar' has gone on a rampage with a butcher's knife through central Sydney - allegedly killing a 21-year-old woman inside a unit and stabbing another in the back at a nearby pub.

The dead woman was found inside a King Street apartment, allegedly with her throat slit, after the knifeman was subdued by heroic bystanders about 2pm using chairs and a milk crate in Wynyard Street after he attempted to stab multiple people. [...]

They do not believe the incident is terror-related, and said the alleged attacker did not have links to any terrorist organisations - despite witnesses reporting the attacker was muttering religious slogans including 'Allahu Akbar'. NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said however they found information on the man including a USB stick 'suggesting he had some ideologies related to terrorism'.

A preview of the future

The political elite can call up military men with machine guns and millions of rounds of ammunition to protect their precious asses. But, you, dear peasant, can't even buy a handgun. Cultural enrichment awaits:

The God-Emperor

Vox Day:

Damn him, deify him, or be disappointed in him, the observable fact of the matter is that God-Emperor Trump is about the only force standing in between the USA and its headlong plunge into economic contraction, violent civil conflict, and eventual collapse.

It is quite impressive how much he has done given the dark and dishonest nature of his opposition. Unfortunately, he can only delay the relentless march of history. Diversity destroys unity and eventually fractures a country into smaller pieces. The grim future that once could have been avoided will eventually come to pass.