The Religion That Must Not Be Named
An elegant bitch-slap

Injustice by design

The wickedness of the Islamic mindset is clear from this news story:

According to statistics obtained by Express News from across Punjab, 234 cases of honor killing were reported in the province of which six were withdrawn. As many as 400 out of 439 suspects involved in the 228 cases were arrested, but only 2% of the accused were convicted. A police source said that the main reason for this abysmally low rate of conviction is that the aggrieved party tends to reconcile with the suspects and the matter never ends up in court.

This is completely alien to the meaning of justice in a Western society as the government prosecutes murderers. However, in the Islamic world, one can slaughter a woman and then simply pay off the relatives for "forgiveness".

Once there is reconciliation, the complainants do not testify against the accused and, therefore, getting a conviction becomes difficult, if not impossible. He said that in cases of honor killing, the ratio of arrests is more than 90%, but the option to reconcile means that the culprits go largely unpunished.

What does it say about the values of Muslims when 49 out of 50 murderers get zero punishment? What does it say about the Western political elite who've opened the gates for these creatures? What does it say about a billion Muslims who're silent about these events?

Vile. Traitorous. Evil.


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