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India vs. New Zealand

Cricket World Cup Semi-final: New Zealand managed only 239 runs in their 50 overs. 158 dot balls! One has to feel for Williamson. That man dragged New Zealand kicking and screaming all the way to the semi-final match but the other batsmen around him simply haven't put up enough runs. Now, they need to unleash the best bowling performance of the tournament to win this match. India has a simple task. Don't lose wickets and score a boundary once an over. With veterans like Sharma, Kohli, and Dhoni, this is now India's game to lose.

Well, with that said, Sharma is out for a 4-ball one!

Kohli also gone for one! Wow. Over one billion people shocked!

That's the only way the Kiwis can win: get India out. And they've started spectacularly.

Holy shit! Rahul gone for ... one!

India 5/3 after 4 overs in a World Cup semi-final. Wow.

Old Man Dhoni walks out with India crumbling at 71/5 with 23 overs gone.

62 runs from 36 balls. Dhoni still there and Jadeja has played the best innings by a number 8 in a World Cup semi-final.

100-run partnership. One billion people have hope!

Dhoni run out! What a magnificent throw from Guptill! What a match!

The game goes to the final over but the Indian fans are dejected. It would have been an epic comeback from 5/3 if India had won.

What a two-day semi-final! New Zealand fought hard to take down the number one team of this tournament. They will go to their second World Cup final in a row.

Tomorrow: Australia vs. England. Australia has never lost a World Cup semi-final! Let's see if England can create history.


Tambi Dude

Enjoying the shit pride parade by Indians :)

Isaac Schrödinger

"Enjoying". No, more like stunned. The Indians played eight games without a severe collapse to end up as number one and the Kiwis lost their previous three matches to become the weakest semi-finalist. This is not what I expected.

The Indian bowlers and fielders restricted the Kiwis to a small total yesterday and then got some nice rest before they had to bat. I thought that rain delay would help India! Instead, the New Zealand bowlers nearly finished the match in the first four overs. Now, it's all on the shoulders of Dhoni.

I wanted to see the top two teams of the past few years meet in the final: England vs. India. That is when I wanted India to lose. Not here! This is premature detonation!

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