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War is Coming

An African man pushed a German mother and her child in front of a high speed train. The mother survived but helplessly watched her eight-year-old son get murdered.

Vox Day:

I won't blame the Germans in the slightest when they start attacking both their own traitorous politicians as well as the migrants welcomed by them. And that's definitely "when", not "if". Nor will I fault that mother if she goes after every single CDU politician with a woodchipper. Their idiotic virtue-signaling has led directly to unthinkable horrors for the German nation.

Just looking at the history of the last one hundred years should be enough to convince any sane person that fucking with the Germans is a Very Bad Idea. Since most people are idiots, the whole world will relearn this lesson the hard way.

Data breached

Capital One got hacked:

A hacker gained access to personal information from more than 100 million Capitol One credit applications, the bank said Monday as U.S. authorities arrested a suspect in the case.

That's huge.

Capital One Financial Corp., the nation's seventh-largest commercial bank with $373.6 billion in assets as of June 30, is the latest U.S. company to suffer a major data breach in recent years.

Traitors in charge

An excellent piece in the Vancouver Sun that showcases the ugly reality of increased immigration levels because of the Liberal Party of Canada:

The number of non-permanent foreign workers arriving in Canada each year has doubled in the past decade, escalating particularly after the federal Liberal government was elected in 2015.

Partly as a result of the increasing flow of guest workers, UBC economist David Green and Carleton University’s Christopher Worswick say in a paper that new immigrants are doing “worse and worse” in regards to earned incomes. And it’s Canada’s low-wage workers who are suffering the most.


In line with the research of American economist Giovanni Peri and the University of Ottawa’s Pierre Brochu, Green described how owners of a Tim Horton’s franchise, a café or a supermarket often try to justify bringing in more guest workers by saying they can’t find anyone to fill the low-skill slot.

“So they go to their local MP and say, ‘I’m in trouble here. I can’t get enough workers for my front counter.’ The real response to them should be, ‘Well, pay them more.’ But it’s not the answer they want to hear, because they want to make more profit,” Green said.

The numbers are quite shocking: 250,000 "international mobility" workers, 300,000 new immigrants, 400,000 students -- all of whom drive down the wages of poor workers in Canada. That's nearly a million non-citizens who're also driving up the rent and increasing real estate prices. Businesses, landlords, and the banks are happy while the poor and the middle class gets squeezed.

Are you a neo-Nazi?

Skills and intelligence are factors that contribute to the difference. They, of course, don't tell the whole story. For example: family dynamics, nutrition, education, ambition, personal effort, time preferences, religion, etc. also explain some of the group differences. However, intelligence is a core component. It doesn't matter how much hard work a certain Pakistani kid puts in to becoming an astronaut, he won't get there if he can't even pass high school math. Generations of common inbreeding significantly impacts such children.

Comparing the two countries, the average Japanese is significantly more intelligent than the average Pakistani. Look around you. How many products do you see that are "Made in Japan" vs. "Made in Pakistan"? It is what it is.

I don't know why Taleb thinks that a race or country that has a low average IQ must have a population of 100% idiots. Non-White countries have doctors, engineers, scientists, etc. Who the hell even made the claim that all of them are idiots?

The World of Twitter

You bloody vegecist!

Equality Now!

Okay, I admit, this made me laugh:

Feminism: murder more women! Because equality!

Fragile setup

Two Halifax-area entrepreneurs are banking on the honesty of their customers. [...]

There is no one waiting to take your cash or process your payment — customers are trusted to take what they want and pay using the tablet and card reader or by dropping cash in a mailbox.

This food kiosk is in an international airport. A pilferer would be on dozens of cameras. So, the store will work in this context.

One such shop located in the lobby of the Manila Police Department's headquarters — just a few metres away from a security guard — had to be closed after someone repeatedly raided the cash box.

Yup. One asshole is enough to ruin the system.

He said if the project continues to be successful, he would like to expand it to schools, universities, hospitals and shopping centres.

He's going to learn the hard way.

The significance of genes

Looks like it's physically impossible to be endowed with explosive speed and endurance.

The poor wicketkeepers

We just had one of the craziest Test matches in history.

4 Number of times a team has won a Test after making a first-innings score less than England's 85 in this Test. All the four instances occurred more than 100 years ago.

For the first time, both wicketkeepers got out for zero twice

Bairstow: 0 off 6 balls and 0 off 6 balls. Those are some mighty elegant ducks! That must be one rude deflation in spirits after winning the World Cup.

Again, quite a stunning match:

England have completed one of the great comeback victories in Test history after bowling out Ireland for 38 in the fourth innings at Lord's.

Not since 1907, when England defeated South Africa in Leeds despite having made just 76 in their first innings, has a side won a Test having made such a low first-innings score. But despite England being bowled out for 85 before lunch on the first day, a devastating spell of new ball bowling from Chris Woakes and Stuart Broad saw Ireland bowled out in just 15.4 overs to leave England the victors by 143 runs. It is the fifth lowest first-innings total in history to have resulted in a win and the first Test since 1887 in which two sides have each been bowled out in a single session.

The Ashes should be very competitive.

Diversity is Death Lottery

History is not going to be kind to the collection of clowns who approved this:

A man charged with joining the Islamic State (ISIS) as a sniper and firearms instructor originally came to the United States through the “Diversity Visa Lottery,” a program responsible for bringing more than half a million randomly chosen foreign nationals to the country in a single decade.

Vicious Brutality

The Internet is allowing the world to see the horrors of Muslims:

Social media users in Morocco expressed fury after a video emerged of a woman with large bruises on her body who described being beaten by her husband.

The woman's eyes appeared heavily swollen and she had deep purple bruises on her thigh and torso, as seen in a video posted on Facebook on July 7. It has since been viewed nearly 850,000 times.

The woman said her husband attacked her after she questioned his late return home. "I asked him, 'Why are you coming home late?' He answered, 'Why does it matter to you?' And he beat me," she explained in the video, filmed by a passer-by.

What was the response from the authorities?

The woman said she went to the police but was rebuffed. "They didn't even let me in," she said. "My husband also took the children from me."

Can't Trust CannTrust

The latest scandal in the cannabis space in Canada:

The chief executive of CannTrust Holdings Inc. appeared in a promotional video filmed directly outside an unlicensed cannabis grow room at the company’s Pelham, Ont., facility in early 2019, according to a former employee who was present when the video was shot.

When this story broke, it was shocking to hear that, literally, thousands of kilograms of marijuana was grown in unlicensed space at CannTrust. This wasn't the doing of some ambitious, rogue employee. The top executives knew exactly what was going on.

The room was also referenced in a Globe and Mail report on Tuesday that quoted a November 2018 email by CannTrust’s director of quality and compliance, Graham Lee, telling several top company executives including Aceto that they had “dodged some bullets” with regards to a Health Canada inspection.

“[Health Canada] did not ask about RG8E/W, which are unlicensed rooms currently full of plants,” Lee’s email said, according to the report.

Peter Aceto, the CEO, started his job at the company in October last year. The communication above happened in the very next month. Aceto used to work for Tangerine -- an online bank in Canada. Health Canada just might go after this former Bankster.

The shareholders must be livid. The stock price over the past few months.

27 March: $13.45

5 July: $6.46

Today: $2.58

That's an 81% crash in four months.


That was quick. Peter Aceto is terminated:

The investigation into the Company's non-compliance with Health Canada regulations and ancillary matters uncovered new information that has resulted in a determination by the Board to terminate with cause CannTrust CEO Peter Aceto.

In addition, the Board of Directors demanded the resignation of the Company's Chair Eric Paul and he complied.

Set vs. Subset

A lot of people make this mistake. They compare a prosperous subset of a nation to the entirety of a different country and then draw false conclusions. In a different context, let's look at the Chinese immigrants in Western nations. Their average incomes are significantly higher than the average incomes of the native Whites. Does this imply that the average person in China is richer than the average White guy in Europe? Nope.

No love for dogs

Who could have possibly predicted this?

An Ottawa off-leash dog park was found to have broken pieces of glass scattered near paths along the Rideau River.

Dog walkers fear someone is deliberately trying to harm dogs and their owners.

“Nobody thinks this is an accident,” said Dana McPhail. “There was 50, 60 people here yesterday everybody was upset and everybody was saying somebody doesn't want this dog park here; somebody wants to hurt dogs.”

Is there any place where I can bet on the, er, characteristics of the guilty party?

Rapefugees recognized

The price for Merkel's madness:

While police and other authorities have been hesitant to blame migrants for pool sex assaults, one German feminist magazine has published an article admitting most assaults are carried out by them.

No worries. We all know Germans are very efficient when dealing with minorities.

“Women are massively harassed by migrants. Swimming champions are abused. In addition, there is a high degree of violence and the lack of any respect! An outdoor swimming pool should be a place of recreation and not a place of horror!” president of the Federal Association of German Swimming Champions Peter Harzheim told the magazine. [...]

According to the police of North Rhine-Westphalia, where the majority of sex attacks in outdoor pools are said to occur, most perpetrators are “young men of North African, Arab, and Turkish origin”.

Death and taxes

A federal labour board has upheld the 2015 firing of a Canada Revenue Agency employee who worked next to the Calgary airport and wrote frequent Twitter and Facebook posts that “appeared to glorify the Boston Marathon terror bombing, celebrate the deaths of NATO military personnel, and cheer the downing of aircraft.”

It's nice of the Canadian government to care about the feelings of this monster.

The ruling, handed down May 16 but published online Friday, took the unusual step of anonymizing the man’s name after adjudicator Bryan Gray determined the former employee, who practices Islam and immigrated from Afghanistan in 1999, had already experienced racism in his day-to-day life.

Maybe, sane people have legitimate reasons for disliking halaal assholes?

Friedman gets fried

The most entertaining president of the United States:

It's a total of three tweets. The third one is pure gold.

Feel the Bern!

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is quite the hypocrite. The 2016 Democratic presidential runner-up and 2020 contender has long championed increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour, and chided companies like Disney and McDonald's for not paying their employees that much. Last week, news broke that Sanders' presidential campaign is not paying staffers a salary equivalent to $15 per hour. Field organizers said they make $36,000 per year working 60 hours per week, an average of $13 per hour.

What a comedy sketch! Bernie Sanders is not immune from the Iron Laws of Economics:

After Seattle raised its minimum wage, the University of Washington found that the minimum wage law reduced the number of hours worked by 9.6 percent. Thanks to shortened shifts and lost jobs, the average low-wage worker ended up taking home $125 less each month.

Similarly, Sanders campaign manager Faiz Shakir told Newsweek that the campaign is "limiting hours so not employee is receiving less than $15 for any hours worked." In other words, just like any other business, the campaign is trying to cut costs in order to compensate for high wage demands.

To be fair, he did pick the least destructive option. He could have fired a few people and maintained the total individual working hours for the rest.

Clown World intensifies

From Bake The Cake to Wax My Balls!

A B.C. Human Rights Tribunal hearing devolved into repeated outbursts and name-calling this week as it considered a transgender woman’s complaint that a home-based salon discriminated against her by denying her a Brazilian wax.

At one point, the complainant compared the business owner to a neo-Nazi.

Of course!

Neo-Nazi in the current year: a woman who refuses to wax the balls of a sick man.

Mike Cernovich asks a simple question:

The Hall welcomes the Master

The Indian cricketer is inducted in to the Hall of Fame:

Former India captain Sachin Tendulkar, former South Africa fast bowler Allan Donald and former Australia Women's fast bowler Cathryn Fitzpatrick have become the newest additions to the ICC Hall of Fame. The trio were inducted in a ceremony in London on Thursday.

I watched tons of Tendulkar on TV in the 90s. It was always a pleasure to watch his shots race to the boundary with not a single fielder in the frame. His timing and placement was so precise, that the opposition had zero chance of stopping the ball. He made it look so easy.

Tendulkar's victorious battles against Warne and Akhtar make him the greatest of his generation. For me, only Brian Lara and Saeed Anwar came close in elegance and pure entertainment value.

The SJWs strike again

Everyone to the Right of Stalin will be punished.

One of the "hate" facts that she got punished for:

A Very Special Darwin Award

Before President Trump’s tweetstorm in which he encouraged Omar to go back and fix her own country, Somali-Canadian journalist Hodan Nalayeh was trying to do precisely that.

Nalayeh returned to the country of her birth to tell “uplifting” stories about Somalia, according to the Washington Post.

Hodan Nalayeh tweeted about the beauty of Somalia:

What is the cost of lies? Very high:

During a video tour on her YouTube channel of the town of Kismayo, Nalayeh said she was hopeful the area could be rebuilt and revived, “Because this place is beautiful!”

On Friday last week, Nalayeh was killed in that very same town when al-Shabab militants stormed the Asasey Hotel in Kismayo.

Oh, you must have a heart of stone to not laugh at that!

Sexy beast

Lotus’ Evija electric hypercar is, according to the British marque, “the world’s most powerful production car,” but it looks to be a lot more than just that.

Lotus Evija? Sounds like Asian-Hispanic fusion cuisine.

Maximum output is a whopping 2,000 kW, which can send the vehicle to 250 km/h in just nine seconds, and way over that not much later. Each of the four electric motors has a target output of 492 horsepower, making for a combined output equivalent to 1,968 horsepower.

This Lotus sounds even more crazier than the upcoming new Tesla Roadster.

Price? $2.7 million. I think I can afford one of its tires.

Are you not entertained!?

The 2020 Trumpslide is going to be fun!

The Divine Deflection

My father had setup the receiver for new TV channels. He wanted to watch the Cricket World Cup as it happened. The New Zealand team had done well but they stumbled at the end. England had earned a spot in the final match but they were set to chase a tricky total. They fought hard for glory but wickets kept falling at regular intervals.

At the end, England lost. Pakistan won. That was the first live ODI cricket match I had ever watched. My dad provided his colorful commentary and cheers. I was familiar with veterans like Imran Khan and Javed Miandad. He talked of a new, chubby kid who had dismantled the undefeated Kiwis in the two prior games; some guy named Inzamam-ul-Haq. Of course, there was also the greatest bowler Pakistan had ever produced -- the Man of the Match of the 1992 Cricket World Cup final: Wasim Akram.

That was the third World Cup final for England and their third defeat. They had been set imposing totals to chase on each occasion and they failed every time. The country that invented the game still hadn't won the ultimate trophy. After the loss in 1992, England waited 27 agonizing years for another appearance in a World Cup final.


England crushed Australia, the defending World Champions, in the semi-finals of the 2019 World Cup. New Zealand punched above their weight and beat the mighty Indians to make it to their second successive finals appearance.

After 44 long years of failures, this new, powerful, energetic England side had the chance to become champions. They had beaten New Zealand before in the same tournament. Surely, it won't be so difficult this time. It should be a simple, straightforward, and a sensible victory for England as they are ranked number one in the game. Right?

The Kiwis won the toss and, of course, decided to bat. The weight of history was against England. Chasing sides often lost in this tournament and England had lost all their previous finals while chasing. The pressure built up right from the start. Pakistan scored 249 in 1992. The Kiwis managed 241 this time; a very tricky and competitive total. Nothing exciting or fancy so far.

Then, England started the chase. Matt Henry was getting excellent movement and Jason Roy edged and got out for a slim 17 runs. England 28/1.

After a few quiet overs, the best batsmen in the English side couldn't handle the mounting pressure. His body language clearly signaled his increasing frustration as he shockingly tried to charge and hit the ball but missed! He again attempted a strike but, like Roy, edged and got out for a painful 30-ball 7. England 59/2.

Bairstow was playing quite well. He tried to hit a four but chopped the ball back on to his stumps. England 71/3.

Morgan, the captain of the side, couldn't control his shot selection and hit the ball in the air, only to shout a NO! as the ball flew to Ferguson who took an extraordinary catch. England 86/4.

New Zealand had the momentum. Their fans were making a lot of noise. They needed only two more wickets and England would fall for the fourth time at the biggest stage of cricket!

The sixth man to walk out and bat for England was Jos Buttler who played the most significant and stunning innings of his life. He had made 59 runs off 59 deliveries before he got out to another spectacular catch. The game was truly alive. Either team could win at that point. England 196/5.

Only one man stood between New Zealand and their first World Cup triumph. Ben Stokes had been batting for nearly 22 overs. He had five overs to get 46 runs. It was all on him. He was fatigued. He looked shaken. The pressure on this man was unimaginable.

The Kiwis had choked the second-best team in the world a few days before. Now, they were utilizing their bowling talent to squeeze the top side in the world. "What a thrilling match! This game is going to the very last delivery," I thought and I was super right.

Over 46.1: Woakes hits the ball high in the air and the wicket keeper calmly collects it. England 203/6.

Over 48.3: Plunkett wants to hit a much needed six down the ground. Instead, it finds a fielder. England 220/7.

Over 48.6: Jofra swings the bat and the wickets are rattled. He leaked wides with his bowling and then: a golden duck. England 227/8.

England needed 15 runs off 6 balls for victory in the World Cup final. Few batsmen in history have felt the absolute maximum pressure. Ben Stokes had reached that level.

Over 49.1: Dot ball.

Over 49.2: Another dot ball. 15 from 4 balls. Advantage: NZ.

Over 49.3: Stokes gets down on one knee and smites the ball into the spectators. 9 from 3.

Over 49.4: The drama hits the stratosphere. The jaw-dropping moment of this final had arrived. The teams will swap the emotions of hope and despair. Stokes is running for his life to get back for two. He extends his bat and dives to make the crease, the fielder throws the ball which hits the bat and then runs away, and away, and away to the boundary. God must have looked down and said: Not today, Kiwis! No one who watched this match will ever forget The Divine Deflection.

The stadium erupts. England need 3 runs from two balls.

Over 49.5: Stokes isn't hitting any more sixes. He wants to run and reach 242. He gets one run while the other guy is run out. England 240/9.

Over 49.6: Stokes, again, wants two runs but the other guy has no chance. Run out! England 241 all out.

England needed 242 runs to win. They managed 241. This most epic of epic failures makes this the greatest World Cup final in history. After 100 overs of the most intense and thrilling cricket, we witness a tie!

We got Super Overs at the grand stage. Each team scored 15 runs each in their over. It's another tie! England hit more boundaries. The trophy comes home! England fought till the very end and with unbelievable luck won their first World Cup. Ben Stokes is the man. Williamson, the New Zealand captain, earns the Man of the Tournament award for his exceptional batting and captaincy. The Kiwis didn't let the opposition score more runs in the final but then they went home without the ultimate prize. It was just not their day.

The historical context, drama, pressure, intensity, emotion, the double ties, and that deflection makes this the greatest ODI match of all times.

Not at all British

We can't have Muslim bitches getting out of control:

Nyla Khan, a 30-year-old British woman who was born and raised in Scotland, has recently revealed how about 13 years ago she was forced to marry her cousin in Pakistan because her family thought she was getting "out of control".

During an interview with BBC Scotland, Nyla revealed that even though she knew from a young age that she was “promised” to marry her cousin, back then she felt stunned when her family went through with that scheme as they were “paranoid” about her possibly becoming "too Western".

Instead of talking to her, the family used marriage as punishment. Remember that under Islamic law, husbands are fully allowed to beat "disobedient" wives.

Not getting Trump

Kartik Gada left this comment at Instapundit:

Never underestimate the lengths a cuckservative will go to rationalize surrender, and then virtue signal about that surrender (and then be baffled as to why neither the left nor right has any respect for their stance).

Ed doubled down twice in the same day.

We should just create a surrender-oriented video game for cuckservatives, titled 'Call of Surrender' or something, so that they can be sequestered there.

(Laughs.) The Cucks are truly cowards. These recent tweets by Trump were employing magnificent rhetoric and forcing the Democrats to vigorously defend the extreme Leftist clowns knows as "the squad". Trump is showing real Americans that he's on their side.

Final: England vs. New Zealand

2019 Cricket World Cup Final: the country that invented the game, the country that I thought deserved most to win, won in the end. England lift their first World Cup.

New Zealand scored 241/8. Just like their semi-final against India, they'll need another spectacular bowling performance to win this match.

This is England's fourth World Cup final. They have built the strongest team in the world over the past few years. Today, they need to make 242 runs under pressure to finally lift the ultimate trophy. England has defeated New Zealand in this tournament before. Now, just once more.

The pressure gets to Root who goes for an ugly 30-ball 7. The Kiwis are playing very well. England needs to play sensibly and not take risks.

Bairstow edges it onto stumps. England needs a partnership. 71/3.

Spectacular catch by Ferguson. Morgan out. England unraveling at 86/4.

Finally! England build a fighting partnership. Stokes and Buttler are keeping England alive. Buttler's strike rate is very impressive given the context.

Jos Buttler stands and delivers for England. A magnificent half-century. 50 for Buttler, 50 for Stokes, and a 100+ partnership, all in the same over.

Buttler out for 59. The World Cup final is going for a thrilling finish.

The most thrilling 100th over of cricket in World Cup Finals history! After three bloody Final losses, the most powerful England side of the generation gets a fucking tie!

Now, comes the Super Over nonsense to decide the champion. Sigh. If you thought the pressure and drama couldn't possibly increase.

15 runs in the Super Over and then ... 15 runs in the Super Over! The Kiwis have fewer boundaries. Therefore, England wins the most thrilling World Cup final of all times.

New Zealand was ranked fourth in the tournament when the semi-finals started. They defeated the mighty Indians in the game before and today they tied TWICE! against England. However, their weak batting efforts got them in the end. The low number of boundaries became the deciding factor. They definitely punched above their weight and fought hard. There is no shame in making two World Cup finals in a row. Spare a thought for Kane Williamson. He scored close to 600 runs and took his team to the finals only to tie, tie, and lose. Williamson is the Player of the Tournament.