Proud depravity
So toxic that men die!

Grandpa Hitler

Vox Day on Jared Taylor:

Jared Taylor is upset because he talked to CNN and - surprise, surprise - he discovered that they are going to make him look bad on TV. [...] People have occasionally asked me what I think of Jared Taylor. Since I never paid him any attention at all, I did not have an answer for them. Now I do. I think he is stupid, naive, and attention-seeking.

What part of "don't talk to the media" is hard for these idiotic narcissists to understand? This sort of thing is precisely why I don't do interviews with anyone anymore. I learned my lesson after that Sad Puppies interview with Wired in 2015.

Jared Taylor is familiar with the media treatment of right-wingers and nationalists. Yet, he went ahead with his CNN interview. Stupid sums it up.


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