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Final: England vs. New Zealand

2019 Cricket World Cup Final: the country that invented the game, the country that I thought deserved most to win, won in the end. England lift their first World Cup.

New Zealand scored 241/8. Just like their semi-final against India, they'll need another spectacular bowling performance to win this match.

This is England's fourth World Cup final. They have built the strongest team in the world over the past few years. Today, they need to make 242 runs under pressure to finally lift the ultimate trophy. England has defeated New Zealand in this tournament before. Now, just once more.

The pressure gets to Root who goes for an ugly 30-ball 7. The Kiwis are playing very well. England needs to play sensibly and not take risks.

Bairstow edges it onto stumps. England needs a partnership. 71/3.

Spectacular catch by Ferguson. Morgan out. England unraveling at 86/4.

Finally! England build a fighting partnership. Stokes and Buttler are keeping England alive. Buttler's strike rate is very impressive given the context.

Jos Buttler stands and delivers for England. A magnificent half-century. 50 for Buttler, 50 for Stokes, and a 100+ partnership, all in the same over.

Buttler out for 59. The World Cup final is going for a thrilling finish.

The most thrilling 100th over of cricket in World Cup Finals history! After three bloody Final losses, the most powerful England side of the generation gets a fucking tie!

Now, comes the Super Over nonsense to decide the champion. Sigh. If you thought the pressure and drama couldn't possibly increase.

15 runs in the Super Over and then ... 15 runs in the Super Over! The Kiwis have fewer boundaries. Therefore, England wins the most thrilling World Cup final of all times.

New Zealand was ranked fourth in the tournament when the semi-finals started. They defeated the mighty Indians in the game before and today they tied TWICE! against England. However, their weak batting efforts got them in the end. The low number of boundaries became the deciding factor. They definitely punched above their weight and fought hard. There is no shame in making two World Cup finals in a row. Spare a thought for Kane Williamson. He scored close to 600 runs and took his team to the finals only to tie, tie, and lose. Williamson is the Player of the Tournament.


Tambi Dude

Did u watch the game ? I don't think I can ever forget this game.

Isaac Schrödinger

Of course! I watched it live.

The edge by Roy, the frustration of Root, the NO! by Morgan, the magnificent strike rate of Buttler, the 50th over with 15 runs needed and Stokes refuses singles, 15 needed off 4 deliveries, a smashed six, then that divine deflection, the umpires make a colossal error, the crowd erupts, two runs and two wickets in the last two balls, and a tie! Then two Super Overs, Buttler gets his man, and again a tie!

The drama, the tension, the maximum pressure, and the stunning result makes this the greatest World Cup final in history. It wouldn't surprise me to see this ranked as the greatest ODI match of all times in the coming years.

Tambi Dude

When I look at the highlights I realize how good these sportsmen are under pressure. We saw 3 runouts in the dying moments , with great precision of stop, throw and whip the bails.

That deflection was like a divine providence.

Easily the greatest ODI I have ever seen and I have seen 1000s of them.

Tambi Dude

What made the victory delicious for brits is that they have a sorry history in penalty kicks in Football.

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