Diversity in action
Good for Cricket

Australia vs. England

Cricket World Cup Semi-final: England crush Australia by 8 wickets with nearly 18 overs remaining! England and New Zealand have never won the World Cup. So, we'll have a brand new World Champion on Sunday.

Another semi-final, another catastrophic top-order failure! Australia reduced to 14/3 in under seven overs. The Aussies, the defending champions, are in danger of losing their first ever World Cup semi-final! Again, we'll need a spectacular bowling performance by the batting-first team to win this match.

England has been the strongest team for the past two years. The last time they made it to the finals was in 1992. They definitely have the firepower and the hunger to go all the way.

Aussies 166/7. If they can't crack 200 runs, then it'll be a T20 chase for England in an ODI match. Can't imagine the pressure on Smith.

That Smith run out was sick! The ball went between his legs to hit the stumps! Doesn't look like Australia's day. They're all out for 223 runs in 49 overs. England chased down scores of 340+ multiple times in May this year. Now, they have a smaller target but with infinite pressure. Again, just like India yesterday, this is England's game to lose now.

Wow. Roy smashes a six off Starc! England means business. 31/0 off only six overs. A safe and sufficient run rate of 5 from England. 40/0 off eight overs. Seven boundaries so far. Excellent start. Roy is playing very aggressively. No need for that reverse sweep. That six was enough damage for the over.

Starc comes back to bowl and gets taken apart! 15 runs off one over. England 95/0 after 15 overs. Only an epic meltdown of the England batting is going to save Australia.

Finch is out of ideas. He brings on Smith to bowl and HOLY SHIT! Three consecutive sixes! Roy is razing Australia!

124/1. The injured Bairstow is LBW. England need exactly 100 runs. The openers have given them a dream start. Oh! Roy robbed of his hundred. Given caught behind when the ball never touched the bat. Very poor decision by the umpire.

The last time England beat Australia in a World Cup match was in 1992. The last time Australia lost a World Cup semi-final was ... never. This new and powerful England team storms into the 2019 World Cup final by absolutely crushing the defending World Champions. Just one more win next Sunday! I have wanted them to lift the trophy from the start. They have definitely earned the right after years and years of toil, hard work, and heartache.


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